HotelHome Practical Fitted Bed Cover - Flat Top & Cap Top Style - Tribal Slate with Siam Charcoal Suite Valance

By: HotelHome Project Design Team 9th May, 2019

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The Practical Fitted Bed Cover is the Bedspread Reinvented!!!

With the option of the Full Bed Cover still being a high demand style for many properties within the accommodation industry, the design team here at HotelHome with valuable feedback from our clientele, have taken these ideas and latest trends and colours to Reinvent the Bedspread.

What is the Practical Fitted Bed Cover?

The HotelHome Practical Fitted Bed Cover is the preferred choice of accommodation properties who do not want to present their beds using the “white on white” exposed bedcovering look (i.e. white third flat sheet presentation or white quilt cover).

With the huge selection of standard HotelHome fabric designs and colourways, as well as the option to create an exclusive fabric for full fit-out or refurbishment projects, HotelHome have a Practical Fitted Bed Cover style to suit properties located anywhere from rural inland motels to coastal resorts and outer city, suburban properties.

There are many styles available in the Practical Fitted Bed Cover, including a Full Drop option to cover both the mattress and the bed base and a Cap Top option which is the perfect option for properties who are either using a fitted Bed Valance or have an upholstered bed base.

Different Practical Fitted Bed Cover examples

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Bed making can now be done quickly and with ease

This new style of Bedspread ensures the bed can be made up quickly and with ease, and it is becoming the popular choice for properties with long-term and corporate style occupants who do not necessarily need their rooms made up daily.

Practical Fitted Bed Cover - Cap Top - Flat Top Style - Malibu Aqua Gold with Siam Dark Navy Suite Valance and Breakfast Cushion

Fully Fitted Bed Covers are easy for Housekeeping to maintain, as the bed cover always sits perfectly with it’s fitted corners and it is the preferred option to use in conjunction with a blanket. The Cap-top Flat-top is being styled with fresh white pillowcases (exposed on the bed) and a Breakfast Cushion (small elongated style cushion) in either a co-ordinating fabric or contrasting bright and bold fabric design.

Features and benefits of the Practical Fitted Bed Cover

  • Fast & Efficient Bed Making
  • Modernise the rooms in your property with the Practical Fitted Bed Cover by offering a neat and tailored bedcovering presentation.
  • Fully Washable
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia - which not only ensures high and consistent quality however this means the Practical Fitted Bed Cover can be made to fit to any bed size.
  • Fully Reversible - Produced using 100% commercial quality reversible fabric designs
  • Easy to store – folds up to not much larger than a flat sheet
  • Heavy Duty
  • Woven Wide Width
  • No Fabric Joins
  • Semi Upholstery
  • Easy Care - woven using colourfast and fire-retardant yarns
  • High Rub Test
  • High Fade Resistance (Rated 6+)
  • Large selection of fabric designs and colours to choose from
  • Different styles available including Flat Top, Cap Top and Full Drop

The Fabrics


Easy Care woven using colourfast and fire-retardant yarns



Large selection of fabric designs and colours to choose from


The Latest Fabric Designs

The latest fabric designs now being used for this bed covering style include tightly woven textures, tribal accents, broken stripes and semi-plains all of which work back perfectly with the latest looks in either pale or bold plains, graphic, floral and geometric designs that are now being used for other soft furnishings in the room which include bed cushions, bed heads and sofa scatter cushions.

The Latest Colours

Silver, Taupes and Naturals are still being used as the base colours with accents in either mustard, burnt orange, turquoise and bright blues.

How do your dress the bed, beneath the Practical Fitted Bed Cover?

Triple Sheeting

This is where the bed is dressed in white sheeting with either a quilt or blanket enveloped inside the two top sheets. Properties who are using this updated bedspread style, The Practical Fitted Bed Cover, are using the Practical Fitted Bed Cover as the finishing touch and final presentation of the bed. As the Practical Fitted Bed Cover has fully fitted corners at the foot of the bed this ensures the bed is easy to make and presents perfectly all of the time, no matter what is used under this Bed Cover.

The Madrid Bed Valance

The Best Selling Bed Valance option used in conjunction with the Practical Fitted Bed Cover in the Cap-Top Flat-Top style.

For properties who are after a fitted look, however prefer an option to cover the base only (not the legs or castors) or require a budget option, the Madrid Bed Valance is the answer.

The Madrid Bed Valance is the perfect option when a bed base needs to be covered at a very affordable price. Being elasticised with a generous 38cm wall depth, the “Madrid” fits most bed bases.

This Bed Valance is used by a variety of accommodation styles from basic and simplistic properties all the way up to designer Hotels.

The Picket Quilted Suite Style Bed Valance -

Suite Valance

The flag ship when opting for one of the Cap-top versions of the Practical Fitted Bed Cover (which includes either the Practical Fitted Flat-Top Cap-Top or the Standard Practical Fitted Cap-Top, the 4 Sided Picket Quilted Bed Valances (including the HotelHome Suite Style Bed Valance) are still the winner when it comes to longevity, ease of use particularly for housekeeping, the perfect fit every time and A+ presentation for 8 years plus.

This option finishes off the bed professionally unlike covered bases and can instantly create a more upmarket look to any room, when using the correct fabrics (such as the Hotel fabric designs Siam, Max and Stockholm which are proper commercial fabrics which will not scuff, mark or bruise) and by covering sometimes unsightly castors and bed legs. This 4 sided option enables housekeeping to rotate the bed without needing to lift the mattress.

Which option is the best choice for your property?

For colour, design and style advice, fabric samples and further details in relation to the options available in the Practical Fitted Style Bed Cover contact the experienced accommodation bed covering experts at HotelHome today.

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