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Paragon Luxury Chenille Capri
  • Standard Scatter (42x42cm)
  • Large Decorative (50x50cm)
  • Large Sofa (60x60cm)
  • Euro (65x65cm)

The square cushion is the Classic Hotel cushion that never goes out of style.

HotelHome offers this cushion style in a large variety of sizes to ensure all room types, designs and budgets are catered for.

Paragon Luxury Chenille Capri
  • Breakfast (60x30cm)
  • Belair (73x36cm)
  • New York (90x42cm)
  • Porto (50x40cm, 8cm Wall)
  • Case (75x37cm, 8cm Wall)

The rectangular cushion options by HotelHome are available in a large assortment of sizes to fit all beds, no matter the bed size or bed style (from a single bunk bed up to a super king ensemble bed).

Paragon Luxury Chenille Capri
  • Burj Bolster (70 x 22.5cm diameter)

This extra special cushion is a popular choice with better end accommodation properties including both modern and traditional properties.

Fabric Collections


Paragon is the “all-rounder” fabric collection by HotelHome.

Available as flat and textured weaves, in a large variety of fabric designs and colourways.

The Paragon Quality fabric is a proper heavy duty, commercial fabric that is used for both our quilted and unquilted bedcovering styles including Bed Runners, Cushions, Bed Valances, Bedspreads etc.

Exclusive designs and colourways can be created by our in-house design team for larger special projects when required.

Luxury Chenille

Luxury Chenille offers a soft finish as well as adding an extra element of texture to the bed.

This versatile construction is available as relaxed looking designs as well as opulent heavily patterned designs, making it a favourite option for Australia’s leading Hotels as well as Interior Designers and Architects.

The "Luxury Chenille" Quality Fabric is one of the most popular options for the HotelHome Decorative Bedcovering, (including Bed Runners, Cushions, Bed Shawls etc.).

This construction is available in a wide range of standard designs and colourways however exclusive designs and colourways can be created by our in-house design team for larger special projects when required.


Capri Quality Fabric is the perfect choice when a bold, bright and clean design is required.

This extra flat weave construction is one of the most popular options for the HotelHome Cushions and Fixed Upholstery. However, it can also be used when producing our double layer Bed Runners, including the Vogue Style Bed Runner.

Exclusive designs and colourways can be created by our in-house design team for larger special projects when required.

Why Choose HotelHome Cushions?

EXPERIENCE At HotelHome, we understand the importance of producing proper commercial quality Cushions for our clients – HotelHome are the Hotel Cushion experts, with a proven track record throughout Australia since 1984. Our Cushions are seen in many of Australia’s best Hotels, Luxury Ships and discerning Accommodation properties throughout the country who do not want second best.

AFFORDABILITY & LONGEVITY HotelHome Cushions are purpose designed to be affordable for use in a commercial environment and offering excellent longevity whilst presenting perfectly for every new quest arrival.

CUSHION COVERS Our Cushions have removable covers which are finished with a proper hidden commercial zip. All Cushions are manufactured to our Hotel client’s order, using exclusive HotelHome fabric designs which are fully washable and rated commercial heavy duty.

HEAVY DUTY INNERS HotelHome Cushions include commercial quality balled fibre inners which are fully washable and will always retain shape for excellent bed and sofa presentation.

OPTIONS All Cushion styles available with knife edge finish or piping with optional buttons also available for special project orders.

100% AUSTRALIAN All HotelHome Hotel Cushions are an affordable long-term quality solution that compete favourably with the far lesser quality retail imports in terms of Cushion styling, bed presentation and ultimately guest satisfaction. HotelHome have the fabric design knowledge along with many options in textures and fabric colourways to suit every style of Australian Accommodation.

SAMPLE PACK Proudly designed, styled & manufactured in Australia. Ask HotelHome for fabric sample cuttings today to assist with your Cushion fabric design and colour selections.

The HotelHome Difference

Coordinating accessories

The entire HotelHome cushion range has been designed to have co-ordination with HotelHome Bed Valances, Bed Runners, Bedspreads, Bed Shawls and Accessories made from fabrics within Paragon, Luxury Chenille and Capri Fabric Collections.

Exclusive and Custom Fabric designs

HotelHome can offer exclusive fabric designs and custom colourways for special projects if required