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Caring for the Cloud

Due to the very unusual nature of this specialised luxury bedding product, the life time of The Cloud Bed Topper will be very dependent on the user and how the product is treated on a daily basis. To retain the luxurious super soft feel of The Cloud, it is most important that the outside Japara covers that encases the large volume of feather and down fill, is manufactured from superfine yarns, not heavy duty upholstery or mattress ticking yarns which could last forever. For this reason, it is most important that the product is treated with utmost care to help extend the life of this specialised product. If all care is taken, the fine stitching and Japara cover of The Cloud can last for many years and the small feather and down inside, can last a lifetime.
It is not unusual for some small feather migration to appear, during the life of a quality bed topper including this product, due to the very small and fine feather being used. Simply remove loose feathers if and when they do appear. This small migration will not affect the life of The Cloud.
Any issue of defects or workmanship with this specialised style of sleeping product will be apparent immediately during unpacking and The Cloud offers a manufacturing only warranty against any defects, faulty workmanship and materials, to ensure our customers peace of mind when purchasing this luxurious Hotel product from HotelHome Australia. The Cloud undergoes a stringent process of quality control and checks prior to packaging and it is most uncommon for our clients to discover any such defects when opening the product, however if it does occur, it is important to contact HotelHome immediately before use.
Any claims for warranty must be handled under our Returns Policy and will not be recognised where the product has clearly not been cared for or handled as per HotelHome instructions, which are included with the product.
Preparing The Cloud for use

The instructions card explaining the features of The Cloud and the best procedures for preparing this product prior to use, is included in every Cloud package.

As mentioned above, this is a very specialized product that requires a great deal of care to fully utilize the benefits and also to preserve the longevity of this unusual luxury product.

Protecting The Cloud

It is important to be aware that any moisture from excess sweat or accidents will always need to be removed from this natural feather/down product and obviously it should be avoided. Although it is not a necessity for everybody, HotelHome highly recommends using the 5 Star waterproof mattress protector with The Cloud, to keep the product dry at all times. This special protector will not detract from the feeling of The Cloud underneath. If The Cloud should become soiled, it must be cleaned only by a professional and reputable dry cleaner.
HotelHome is confident that both our Hotel clients and individual purchasers will join the many thousands of very satisfied owners of The Cloud, some who have owned the product for many years. We know that you too will experience many years of blissful sleep and sensible caring for this wonderful product will come naturally.

Should you require additional information on how to care for your Cloud, please contact our office on 1300 733 737 or 

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