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The Cloud Mattress Topper layed out on bed Treasury Casino, Halcyon House, The Star Casino, Jupiters Gold Coast, The Old Woolstore, Hilton, Baillie Lodges, Lake House Daylsford Logos

  1. The Cloud Feather and Down Mattress Topper Buy Online

    Buy Online - The Cloud 'Feather and Down Mattress Topper

    Available to retail consumers: The Cloud Gen II

    Guests who have been lucky enough to experience the Cloud Mattress Topper in some of Australia’s Leading Hotels, Resorts and Luxury Boutique properties can now purchase their very own Cloud for home.

    Visit BUY ONLINE to view the full range of products available for individual purchase from HotelHome to help you create the ultimate hotel bed at home including The Cloud, The Majestic King Pillows and Resort King Pillows, Soho Hotel Sheets, The Hot Wash cotton bamboo Mattress Protector and the famous Carlo 100% Cotton Blanket, plus much more.


  2. The Cloud Feather and Down Mattress Topper Quote Online

    Quote Online - The Cloud Feather and Down Mattress Topper

    For commercial properties requiring quantities: The Cloud Gen II

    For accomodation industry properties who only want to offer their discerning guests the very best in comfort, quality and sleep, you cannot go past Australia’s No 1 and favourite Hotel Mattress Topper "The Cloud" TM.

    Visit QUOTE ONLINE to obtain a quotation for Cloud Mattress Toppers as well as Hot Wash cotton bamboo Mattress Protectors which have been specifically designed to use in conjunction with The Cloud. The Hot Wash Mattress Protector is a hotel designed waterproof Mattress Protector which is super soft (to ensure it does not detract from the feel and softness of the Cloud). The Hot Wash Mattress Protector can handle very hot laundering via a commercial laundry. It is also fully fitted and dust mite proof.



"The Cloud" Feather and Down Mattress Topper

Book your order today!

Still Australia’s No 1. Hotel Mattress Topper since 2007

As the leaders in developing and Supplying Hotel Bedcovering products for the Hotel, Accommodation and Design Industries you can be assured you have made the correct decision when you purchase products such as The Cloud Mattress Topper from HotelHome.

HotelHome are not just on sellers of other company’s products but are the originators of their bedcovering products including custom sized pillows and of course The Cloud Mattress Topper for Australia.

When purchasing true commercial quality products such as the Cloud Mattress Topper you will notice the difference in quality, substance (this is demonstrated by the overall size of the Cloud when packaged – it is the size of a small fridge!) comfort and longevity of this Mattress Topper.

"The Cloud" ™ Mattress Topper, original trademarked 5 star Mattress by HotelHome Australia as sold to the world’s best Hotels, since 2007.We are now a prominent supplier of mattress toppers to Brisbane 5-Star luxury hotels and resorts

"The Cloud"™ is not just a Mattress Topper that has been produced to meet a retail price point, instead we have designed this Mattress Topper especially for a commercial application.

It is a very simple process to install The Cloud Mattress Topper as it simply sits on top of your existing Mattress.

The Cloud Mattress Topper "GEN II"

We have designed "The Cloud" Gen II Mattress Topper especially for 5-star Hotels. The Gen II has 10% down and 90% small soft feather in each individual chamber.

The Gen II Mattress Topper has an increased quantity of small soft feather to trap the correct amount of air into each specially designed chamber, as down does capture a larger quantity of air and more quickly than the small soft feather.

The extra quantity of small feather does add extra weight to the overall product, however the result is a magnificent soft feather down Mattress Topper at a very competitive price. The Gen II is now our most popular Mattress Topper in Australia, especially the luxury hotels of the country.

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