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By: HotelHome Project Design Team 1st Sept 2021

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SOHO FittedSheet by HotelHome

The only Fitted Sheet you will ever need is SOHO by HotelHome

Not all Fitted Sheets are the same

As leading Australian suppliers and manufacturers of Hotel Bed Linen and Bed coverings for over 40 years, HotelHome know the ins and outs of proper Hotel bed linen and we know it better than most.

HotelHome have been supplying true commercial quality sheets to the Hotel, Luxury Accommodation including Trains and Airlines as well as many of Australia’s leading Interior Designers on their client’s behalf for many years now.

What makes a Fitted Sheet so much different to the other bed linen components on the bed?

To put it simply, it is the work horse!

It does a totally different function to a flat sheet , and it needs special heavier yarn specifications in the fabric, the colour, the elastic, the sizing and especially the ease of fitting to a mattress. These specifications add to the perfect performance, comfort, and longevity of a SOHO Fitted Sheet.


The fitted sheet should have a generous tuck under and finished with commercial grade elastic that will enable the user to easily stretch the 4 corners, so they fit snugly..... even with older hands or arthritic hands that find this task very difficult


Like a good pair of jeans

The Fitted Sheet is like a favourite pair of jeans, it needs to have the correct fit whilst also being the work horse that will easily wash and go back onto the bed. Just like your favourite Jeans can be worn year after year with a stylish shirt/blouse of any texture / colour, or a casual polo shirt, the jeans do all the work, and it is most important they always fit perfectly, look good and feel good. A Fitted Sheet should do the same function on a bed, and it should always be WHITE!

Why White in colour?

The Fitted Sheet is more likely to absorb sweat, soiling and all sorts of spillages that may happen, so being white in colour means it can be bleached at any time if required. Another reason is that the heavier Hotel sheet construction required for a good quality fitted sheet is always produced in WHITE so that it does not lose strength from the dyeing process. It could be produced in colours, but it is not required.

Why do we have printed and coloured or jacquard stripe sheets on a fitted bottom sheet, when they are not the correct product to be using?

Because the fitted Sheet performs a different function to other “Top of Bed” sheets and decorative bed products, it should not form part of a matching set of sheets as seen in retail.

The Soho fitted sheet is available in white to also ensure it can handle a proper commercial hygiene wash and it is the sheet that will easily co-ordinate back with all of your favourite flat sheet, pillowcases and quilt covers.

No matter if you prefer your flat sheet and pillowcases to be an Organic Cotton, Linen, Egyptian Cotton Sateen or Silk – Soho is the basic that will always work and not draw too much attention on a dressed bed.

On most well-dressed beds, the WHITE fitted sheet is normally only seen by the end user.

Why are some Fitted Sheets far too tight?

Retail fitted sheets are made to fit most mattresses far too tight, saving on fabric usage and using a light domestic elastic which will only last for a shorter period if the product is properly laundered, especially when a hygiene launder is required. Many of these retail fitted sheets are just made to meet a price point.

A good quality fitted sheet should have all the following characteristics:

Fits perfectly
Easy to fit and remove
Proper heavy duty elastic
An extended lifetime
Correct fabric - A substantial weight cotton polyester sheeting of 160gsm that has a nice crisp feel to lay upon. Just like a good Hotel.
White in colour, so that it can be processed with any bleaching cycles that may be required.
Washability - Proper Hotel sheeting is produced using fabric woven with thicker yarns so the fabric can handle the wear, continual laundering and a proper hygiene wash.


What is the difference between Hotel Quality Sheets and Sheets sold on the retail market?

Hotel quality sheets are not graded for quality in thread counts or any other retail terms used to sell to consumers. These Hotel qualities are much heavier sheeting grades in a plain weave and are normally in a cotton polyester blend that gives the strength and longevity required when a sheet needs to be constantly laundered to be 100% hygienic every time it is in use. The yarn specs are chosen to give the best performance both in overall feel and the longevity required when laundered as above and used by all types of hotel guests.

Although most Hotels do not use fitted sheets, to help share the wear with flat sheets, good quality Hotel sheets are always around 160gsm in weight and they are always white. They are not printed or dyed for obvious reasons of hygiene and to give the guest a confidence of cleanliness.

What does Thread Count mean?

Thread count is a retail terminology used in domestic bed linen in Australia since around the late 1960’s which helps determine the weight of a fabric.

A high thread count does not always guarantee a sheet will be better quality or more durable. The thread count, plus the yarn guage, determine the weight and quality of a sheeting fabric. There is also the looms the sheeting is woven on that form part of the quality answer for sheeting.

Thread count is the number of threads (vertical and horizontal) in a square of fabric. It’s usually per 10cm².

A higher thread count is achieved by using finer yarn which will usually result in a soft fabric however it is also a very delicate and not durable, especially in a Hygiene wash and everyday commercial application where constant laundering is required.

SOHO sheeting quality

SOHO is produced from a genuine Hotel quality 160gsm sheeting that is graded by grams per square metre, plus the yarn count and weaving process involved. It has nothing to do with thread count, which is the retail term for lighter weight sheetings. The proven yarn construction and ideal weight in a crisp quality Hotel White sheeting makes SOHO the perfect sheet to lay upon.

SOHO Mattress wall depths

Due to the demand of quality fitted sheets that are easy to fit and remove, HotelHome are now offering SOHO with both a 40cm and 50cm wall in most Australian bed sizes.

We find from our experience with better end Australian Mattresses that a maximum fitted wall drop of 45 to 50cm covers every depth for our clients. This maximum drop will cater for most beds including very deep walled imports, especially based on the mattress heights now used by leading Bed Manufacturers including Sealy, Tempur, AH Beard, etc is around 30cm high.

This ensures there is still sufficient tuck, even when using the HotelHome Cloud Mattress Topper on your bed.

Buy direct from HotelHome, the local manufacturer.


All HotelHome sheeting qualities are produced to the highest standards including Australian Standards and also Oeko -Tex standard 100.

(Oeko-Tex certification means our fabrics are safely made without any harmful chemicals or synthetics).


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