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When it comes to selecting Bed Coverings and Cushions that are both Stylish and Functional for Aged Care Accommodation, HotelHome has many options to suit.

Aged Care Bed Coverings do not need to look plain and institutional, nor do properties have to settle for domestic quality Bed Coverings that cannot handle the constant laundering that is required in an Aged Care Facility.

The HotelHome range of Cushions, Bed Runners and Full Bed Covers include a large variety of tasteful fabric designs and colours, used by many of Australia’s leading specialist Hotel and Aged Care Interior Designers. One of the added benefits of using HotelHome decorative fabrics is that they are specially woven and constructed here in Australia to ensure they are fully washable (to suit a hygiene wash), colourfast and in many cases fire retardant if required.


Aged Care Bed Coverings that are both Stylish and Functional



“What is the best Bed Covering style for an Aged Care Property?”

When talking to our Aged Care clientele about the best options to use on the beds at their Aged Care facility, we do suggest the following proven Bed Covering options:

Unquilted Bed Covering Styles

The Practical Health Bed Cover
Presentation Cover
Bed Runner
Bed Shawl

The above options are not only more economical, but they also offer extended longevity as there are no issues with quilted filling, that will start to lose loft overtime, and they do take a lot longer to wash and dry.

“What are the benefits of using an unquilted Bed Cover?”


HotelHome Full Bed Covers, including The Practical Health Bed Cover, are produced using fabrics that are woven in Australia and are specifically constructed to ensure they are light weight, non-crease (no ironing required) and fully reversible. This heavy duty, upholstery strength, commercial polyester construction can withstand high temperature laundering in a commercial laundry to ensure any unknown germs, bacteria etc (including Covid 19) that the Bed Cover may encounter, are eliminated through this easy hot wash / hygiene wash process.

All other HotelHome decorative Bed Coverings, including Cushions, Bed Runners, Bed Shawls, Presentation Covers etc are also designed to be easily removed from the bed and regularly laundered.


HotelHome understands the importance of maintaining Aged Care Beds, whilst ensuring the comfort, health safety and peace of mind to residents.

By only using heavy duty, yet beautifully handling fabrics that are quick and easy to wash and dry, HotelHome can ensure management of any property, their Bed Covers will delight residents with an attractive décor and minimise disruption during bed changing and laundering.


There are many benefits to Aged Care Accommodation facilities when using an unquilted bed cover which include the ease in overall maintenance and care of the Bed Cover, laundering and dressing of the Bed.

However, one of the main benefits favoured by our clients is how easy these unquilted products are to fold and store, as they take up next to no room in storage, compared to bulky quilted Coverlets and Bedspreads.

As a guide, 1 x Single Bed Coverlet takes up the same room when folded and placed into storage as 10 x Single Bed Presentation Bed Covers.


Some healthier and more active residents may like to personally look after their room in between housekeeping, and if they were inclined to tidy their bed, the unquilted Practical Health Bed Cover, Presentation Cover or a Bed Runner style is very light and easy for them to look after.


“What are the features to look out for when choosing Cushions for an Aged Care property?”

1. Cushions with easy Removeable Covers

2. Heavy duty Stitching for excellent Presentation / Performance

3. Commercial quality Zips (hidden) for quick and easy opening

When selecting Cushions for Aged Care Accommodation, choosing options with easily removable and washable covers, in commercial quality fabrics, should be the number one consideration.

From there, the Cushion size, style and fabric design / colour can then be finalised.

The Best-Selling Cushions for Aged Care Accommodation , as well as Private Hospitals using a Hospital Bed, include the HotelHome Large Cushion (50 x 50 CMS) and the HotelHome Breakfast Cushion.

The combination of the Large Cushion and Breakfast Cushion on a smaller sized bed in a reasonable sized resident’s room, will not look over dressed or swamped with Cushions and it will always add a degree of style to the overall room décor. This well-presented bed will be a focus in the room, and it will also eliminate the institutional look of a Hospital Bed.

All HotelHome Cushions are 100% manufactured in Australia with proper commercial quality inserts to ensure the cushion stays in shape offering long term presentation.

Examples of best selling Cushion styles

By including a proper commercial zip opening on all HotelHome Cushion Covers, ensures the Cushion Covers can be easily removed and washed as regularly as the Bed Covers if need be.


When selecting Cushions for Aged Care Accommodation,choosing options with Removable and Washable Covers, in commercial quality fabrics should be the number one consideration


“What makes HotelHome Fabrics the best option for Aged Care Bed Coverings?”

Just like many of Australia’s best Hotels, must have high performing and excellent presenting products in their room décor for guests, quality Aged Care properties want the same for their residents.

HotelHome has long term experience in producing Australia’s best quality and affordable Fabrics including all finished products. HotelHome also ensures, only their own genuine commercial quality Fabrics are used to produce every style of Bed Covering, including Bed Runners, Cushions and Full Bed Covers in the HotelHome range.

Woven Fabric designs – not printed

The fabrics used to produce all HotelHome Bed Coverings are genuine woven upholstery weight fabrics and they are not basic domestic quality printed fabric designs or lightweight curtain fabrics. Unfortunately, incorrect Bed Coverings are often specified into Aged Care projects, just to meet a budget price point without the consideration of long-term use, constant laundering, presentation, and resident satisfaction.

Easy Care – No Ironing

HotelHome fabrics are woven using the correct yarn weights and tight constructions, offering a fuss free Bed Covering solution without the need of ironing.

Custom Fabric Designs and Colours

By producing all components, of decorative Bed Coverings here in Australia (including the woven fabrics), HotelHome has the flexibility to offer exclusive fabric designs which can include logos, and in any colourway, as well as custom styled Bed Coverings for special projects.

Our Design Team are happy to work directly with your own Interior Designer or Management to create the perfect concept for your Aged Care Facility.

Ask our Design Team for more information.


100% Australian Made Bed Covers
including the woven fabric



These robust and very affordable, Australian designed, woven, and finished products have all the correct specifications required for the discerning Aged Care property owners wanting to meet and exceed all aspects of safety and hygiene in Aged Care Bed Covers. Being styled and made in Australia with care, also includes the extra benefits of improved property presentation, whilst catering for the everyday comfort, happiness, and satisfaction of its residents.


As Australia’s largest manufacturer of BED COVERS and suppliers to all Accommodation including Healthcare, HotelHome has the answer to the absolute best and stylish Bed Covers for Aged Care, Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes, and many Private Hospitals.

Our Design Experts can help you work out the best Bed Covering Style as well as Fabric Designs Colours to suit not only your property décor and location but also the specific needs of your residents.


A tailored sample pack can be compiled for your property to include a comprehensive selection of fabric designs and colourways.

Our Sampling Team ensures the fabric options they suggest will work in with a specific client’s budget as well as suit the end use.


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