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Luxury Chenille

Single Layer Runner.  

  • Standard Depth @ 65cm.  
  • Euro Depth @ 40cm. 

The Luxury Bed Runner style is produced using fabrics from our ever growing Luxury Chenille collection made up of 40+ heavy duty fabric designs & colourways which are purpose woven to not only offer a quality soft handle but also add "Bed Impact" with the designs and colours available.

Paragon Luxury Chenille Capri

Double Layer Runner

  • Standard Depth @ 60cm

The Vogue Bed Runner is a double layer fully reversible style offering a higher standard for the more discerning accommodation property. The Vogue can be produced from the majority of the HotelHome fabric range.


Single Layer Runner

  • Standard Depth @ 58cm
  • Euro Depth @ 40cm

The Mirage Bed Runner is an economical Bed Runner Style which uses our ever changing Paragon fabric range made up of 50+ fabric designs & colourways

Paragon Luxury Chenille

Single Layer *Extra Wide* Runner

  • Standard Depth @ 135cm

The Bedshawl is the extra wide Bed Runner by HotelHome for properties wanting to offer a luxurious look to the bed. Produced using fabrics within the Paragon and Luxury Chenille collections.

Fabric Collections


Paragon is the “all-rounder” fabric collection by HotelHome.

Available as flat and textured weaves, in a large variety of fabric designs and colourways.

The Paragon Quality fabric is a proper heavy duty, commercial fabric that is used for both our quilted and unquilted bedcovering styles including Bed Runners, Cushions, Bed Valances, Bedspreads etc.

Exclusive designs and colourways can be created by our in-house design team for larger special projects when required.

Luxury Chenille

Luxury Chenille offers a soft finish as well as adding an extra element of texture to the bed.

This versatile construction is available as relaxed looking designs as well as opulent heavily patterned designs, making it a favourite option for Australia’s leading Hotels as well as Interior Designers and Architects.

The "Luxury Chenille" Quality Fabric is one of the most popular options for the HotelHome Decorative Bedcovering, (including Bed Runners, Cushions, Bed Shawls etc.).

This construction is available in a wide range of standard designs and colourways however exclusive designs and colourways can be created by our in-house design team for larger special projects when required.


Capri Quality Fabric is the perfect choice when a bold, bright and clean design is required.

This extra flat weave construction is one of the most popular options for the HotelHome Cushions and Fixed Upholstery. However, it can also be used when producing our double layer Bed Runners, including the Vogue Style Bed Runner.

Exclusive designs and colourways can be created by our in-house design team for larger special projects when required.

Why Choose HotelHome Bed Runners?

HotelHome has a true commercial quality Bed Runner, carefully manufactured by our specialist Australian machinists since 1984 to offer longevity and always present perfectly on any Accommodation bed to impress your guests. HotelHome offer the latest in fabric textures, design and colour options to suit all properties and projects no matter the room décor, location or budget.

The Bed Runner (sometimes known as a Bed Throw or Bed Scarf) not only offers a hint of colour and extra style to an Accommodation room and taking away the “all white” institutional look., The Bed Runner also protects the white bed linen and end of the bed from luggage, guests with shoes laying on top of bed, etc.

All HotelHome Bed Runners are produced to our clients chosen order from purpose woven Australian fabrics to ensure they can stand up to the regular laundering and constant use in an Accommodation environment whilst still performing and presenting perfectly. Unlike many retail/domestic Bed Runners sold to this industry, which are often just made to a price point and only last for a very short time frame in a commercial environment, HotelHome Bed Runners offer longevity to ensure they do not need to be constantly replaced, which can become a very costly and unnecessary exercise in the long term.

HotelHome Bed Runners are proudly manufactured in Australia to the highest standards for excellent presentation and performance. By manufacturing our Fabrics and Bed Runners here in Australia, we are able to provide our clients with a larger variety of styles with quicker turnarounds and we can tailor our Bed Runners to suit our client’s specific needs, which includes developing special sizes and styles for projects. HotelHome can also offer exclusive designs to our clients for larger projects.

Our most popular Bed Runner styles include the Vogue Bed Runner, the Mirage Bed Runner and the Luxury Bed Runner. We do however offer a large selection of Bed Runners which include our budget Euro Bed Runners and our Luxury Modena Bed Runner and the Bed Shawl.

For smaller properties, boutique accommodation (including Bed and Breakfasts and Air bnb’s) and for individuals and designers / property stylists etc, we often do have a selection of ex stock overrun and prototype Bed Runner options available at any one time, which can be purchased in small quantities if available. For further information about these available Bed Runners, please contact the HotelHome customer service team on 1300 733737.

To receive a quotation on the HotelHome Bed Runners suitable to your property or project, please visit the Quote Online section of our website and simply select your preferred Bed Runner style, fabric design and colour preference, bed size and quantity. From there we can forward our quotation for finished HotelHome product delivered to anywhere in Australia.