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About Us

Australian Textiles Experience

The experienced and hands on management team at HotelHome has a combined 77 years, of genuine expertise with higher quality bed and furnishing textiles within the Hotel industry, covering every standard of accommodation including discerning designers and also well-travelled consumers. Their dealings with all Hotel people including owners, developers and management at every level, has given them a greater understanding of what is required to be successful in this industry. Australia’s best known Specifiers and FF&E operators in this industry, understand they must get refurbishments right the first time, so they use HotelHome to produce their textiles, to ensure their clients get the right product, at the right price.

HotelHome Australia Management Team

The Management Team

Gary Coman, CEO and founder of HotelHome is now an elder of the industry, however he still has plenty of input to offer with his abundance of experience and still has a keen interest in helping his team develop new and innovative textile products that this industry needs going forward.

Erin Coman Beckett, Design Director, is the flair behind HotelHome with endless design ideas and an excellent understanding of colour pallets. Erin also understands every level of accommodation from a small country refurb to a new city install project when all of her expertise is required. Most importantly, she always has a grasp on the required budgets that need to be met at all levels of accommodation.

Thomas Coman is the brains behind the operational side of HotelHome. As a high achieving computer awardee in his early years, Thomas has used his skills to design and develop exclusive software for all areas of the business and he also controls the logistics of product manufacturing within the business.

Indigo Fabric Range by HotelHome

It is in the genes

Understanding the importance of COMMERCIAL QUALITY in bed covering products “is in the genes“ at HotelHome.

Anyone can now offer imported Bed Covers and Cushions to the accommodation industry which are sold by price alone, and in this industry they do! These domestic/retail qualities masquerading as commercial are now sold by many so called industry suppliers and are normally the expensive option for all levels of accomodation properties. This is because they require early replacement, as well as they also look cheap because they are cheap with inferior quality and they leave potential returning guests worried about the standards of everything else in that property.

Designing Capabilities

HotelHome has become the "go to" company for both FF&E operators, Interior Designers and also accommodation properties who are wanting to not only offer something different to their clientele and guests, whether it be ex stock or a "Signature Look", but they also want to ensure they are offering a long term commercial quality with correct fabric specifications.

Our fabric designers totally understand this industry at all levels which includes adding the fashion element in to design and colour palette that always needs to be carefully considered.

It is paramount that HotelHome decorative bed covering must always present perfectly on the bed including online photos and not prematurely date or become shabby within a short period of time.

Product Development

New ideas for products are always on the table at HotelHome. Whether it be changes to product styling or addittions to fabrics in weaving finishes or the latest techniques in fabric printing, they are always under review to offer the industry the absolute best quality and look available.

Genuine Commercial / Longevity / Cost Effective

Genuine commercial does not have to be expensive, it can be very cost effective if developed correctly with wider weaving widths, yields etc. HotelHome goes to great lengths to ensure all bed coverings supplied to the Accommodation Industry are purpose designed and manufactured to withstand a proper commercial application whilst remaining affordable.

“The look“ is always important to HotelHome, because the photographic impression of a smart bed on a Hotel website is what counts to guests when making a booking decision. When the guests arrive they are always impressed.

HotelHome 508_Valance_Siam_Black_Runner_Fiddlesticks_Dalmatian

Suppliers to Leading FF&E Companies and Hotels

HotelHome works directly with our Hotel clients as well as Australia’s leading FF&E operators and Specifiers, tailoring products to meet their budgets, ensuring they are always competitive. We can also add their style input if required for their clients and specific projects.

Customer Service

Long term experience and business success means nothing without having a good understanding of how important good customer service is. The staff at HotelHome know the high standards and level of customer service that is required from them when dealing with any customer no matter how large or small. Whilst much of the HotelHome business is bespoke and it takes time to produce something worthwhile, it is also understood that once an order is placed, the customer wants it tomorrow if possible and every endeavour is made to satisfy them.

Our National carriers also offer the best bulk delivery service throughout Australia and delivery times are kept to a minimum.

Certifications and Sustainability

Whilst our local production meets and exceeds all A.S.Standards, all other HotelHome branded products are certified by Oeko Tex Standard 100 and various other certifications as required for best practise. Fabric waste and manufacturing off cuts are not sold or discarded, they are given to charities where sleep products for the homeless and less advantaged are produced and distributed.


Contact the team at HotelHome via or 1300 733737 (outside of Australia +61 07 3299 4755) , to discuss your upcoming project, refurbishment, general bed covering requirements or if you would just like to receive a fabric sample pack with latest qualities and ideas to suit your property.