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By: HotelHome Project Design Team 15th Nov 2021

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HotelHome’s Australian Story

We Australians have something unique in this country, let us show it off!

As proud Australian fabric designers and manufacturers of all types of Bed Coverings for the Accommodation Industry, it is no surprise that the design team here at HotelHome have a great passion when it comes to creating designs and looks that cater to the Australian spirit whilst helping accommodation properties offer an Australian experience to all guests. This Australian experience includes locals who are only starting to experience their own “back yard” for the very first time.

Dune Pavilion

"The sunburnt country"
Offering more, even when experiencing the most extreme of weather conditions.

With the devastation our country has endured with drought, fires, floods and lock downs, more and more properties are wanting to offer a truly Australian experience to their guests, especially local Australian guests who may have momentarily forgotten how wonderful their own back yard really is.

HotelHome are the real Australians!
Producing the look of Australia.

As all HotelHome decorative Bed Coverings are proudly designed and manufactured here in Australia, we can come up with genuine Australian looks with the flexibility of manufacturing our products in smaller runs, which is especially helpful to our clients when trying to create a bespoke look or if they are installing in stages to help with economy.

What makes this Australian look and influence so unique?

STRONG, RUGGED, EASY GOING and RELAXED are words often used to describe both Australian country and many Australian people. HotelHome have taken these same descriptions and introduced them into the fabric designs, constructions and colours that have been inspired by the landscape and colours of the Australian Outback, Pristine Oceans and the very Freshest of Rainforests. All these elements are combined to make up this uniquely Australian look.

The majority of Australiana looks that the HotelHome design team are currently coming up with are combinations of muted tones in conjunctions with brights that are still being successfully used as accent colours when required.

Introducing JINDI & DAKU

The 2 tone fabric designs Jindi and Daku have now become the new favourites of the HotelHome design team, as each design can easily offer so much impact to a hotel room and bed, when combined with many HotelHome plain colours which accentuates the abstract character of both the Jindi and Daku designs.

Many properties say that they want their property to softly accentuate the environment the guest may experience when they look outside the window of their Hotel, Motel, Resort or Apartment room.

No matter if the property is based in a location surrounded by leafy trees, a historical township or it has ocean views from every window, HotelHome has Bed Covering styles and fabric design options which can help create the correct tasteful look, whilst still using fabrics that can handle the rigours of a commercial accommodation application.

Below, the HotelHome design team has come up with some very simple fabric combinations, which can be used for a variety of Bed Coverings from Bed Runners and Cushions to full drop Practical Fitted Bedcovers, Quilted Bedspreads and Coverlets etc.


Fresh Neutrals



Neutral room palettes work best when a variety of colours in similar toning’s and textures are used to added depth to this simple look.

This colour combination can look at home in a variety of locations however where this look can work especially well is on the beds of upmarket seaside properties, modern country escapes as well as inner city accommodation where the property is wanting to create a relaxing and fresh feel for the guest.

Ghost Gum Bark

Muted Organics



A warm room palette can work beautiful even if the outside landscape is quite the opposite.

While this colour combination does lend itself to the typical Australian Homestead style property, it is a combination that can work well as a contrast at coastal and inner city-based properties.

Red Sandy Desert

Tropical Brights



For properties who want to indulge their guests with the feeling that the sun is shining, and they are now really on holidays, as soon as they enter their rooms, this look can be a perfect combination.

Used as either the main highlight colour on the bed or as an accent colouring on Cushions and Bed Runners, hints of the tropical jewel colourings add an instant pop to the overall room décor.

Tropical Ocean Jewel

Dusty Sunsets



This look can work in almost any property location; however, it works especially well on the beds of properties using furnishings such as soft tan leather, natural timbers, brass trims, and cork. Fabrics in the colourways Pink Salt, Zest and Donkey can offer a subtle accent colour to rooms that have a soft sandy coloured room scheme.

Layering a variety of designs and colours in HotelHome’s assorted fabric qualities from the Paragon, Luxury Chenille and Capri Fabric Collections in the Dusty Sunset Palette, can add instant texture to the bed from the subtle combination of weave styles and it is a look that will work in all climates (i.e. it doesn’t look too hot and heavy on the bed in summer).

Dusty Sunsets

No need for European, Mediterranean, South American and Asian influence, Australia already has the look guests want to experience.

Australian accommodation properties no longer need to hang off influences from elsewhere which are often not much more than white on white on white and can be experienced anywhere in the world and do not give an Australian property any point of difference.

Often these cookie cutter styles can be seen in numerous properties no matter if they are an inner-city corporate hotel or a seaside apartment. Either way, this often-used styling can be boring, and it can lose appeal to the regular business traveller and especially those guests on a getaway.

With many properties yearning to welcome both local Interstate and International guests who come a long way to experience our wonderful country, we should be offering them a taste of the Australian influence, which is unique.

More Australiana rich colour combinations

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