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By: HotelHome Project Design Team 28th February, 2020

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Cabin and Holiday Park Accommodation

A new market share for Cabin Accommodation

With the high quality of cabin accommodation FIT OUTS now being installed by some astute operators throughout Australia, many travelers new to Cabin accommodation, are adding stays at Cabin parks to the top of their list, when it comes to their preferred form of accommodation.

Still Retaining existing clientele

This currently very affordable sector of accommodation can see the huge potential in growing market share by attracting a wider client base. It can easily happen by adding a sensible and affordable “new look” to existing property rooms whilst still retaining existing clientele.

Cabin Bed Covering - Catering For All Guests

Big 4 Bellarine Holiday Park - Geelong

Your Clientele

Whether it is Phil and Jenny arriving in the Audi or the whole family arriving in the SUV, the HotelHome Bed Covering will present perfectly every time, launder to the highest standard hygiene wash and it will handle the treatment of all guests.

Selecting genuine HotelHome Bed Coverings that will raise the bar and go the distance

The decorative Bed Coverings in any Accommodation property can experience a real workout and sometimes very rough treatment, depending on the guests who arrive.

This makes the selection of proper, no nonsense commercial quality fabrics, such as the huge offering and options created by Australia’s leaders, HotelHome, one of the most important decisions for continued occupancy and also satisfied guests.

HotelHome Bed Runners and Cushions are specifically designed, woven and manufactured here in Australia, where only superior quality fabrics and the very best workmanship is used to ensure all HotelHome full Bed Covers can handle constant hygiene wash standards and of course, go the distance.

(and handle even the most extreme bed jumping session).

Purchase the best first time and "Save Money"

Your consideration of proper quality Bed Covering which also offers a more stylized, quality look to attract a wider client base, whilst being designed for the rigours of Accommodation, will always be the cheapest option in the long run. Since 1984 HotelHome has always been considered the best in this industry no matter what the star rating, but we do understand our Accommodation Bed Covering must be affordable and last at least twice the life of any other competing product.

Big 4 Bellarine Holiday Park - Geelong

Cabins of the past

The sometimes boring school dormitory look of the past has now been forgotten by astute Cabin owner/managers. These operators are now placing emphasis on the inclusion of subtle style, not only with paint and floor coverings, but the clever addition of well thought out, smart, clean cut and practical Bed Coverings which do really perform in both presentation and durability to all clientele in this sector. This smarter upmarket styling is also successfully attracting a wider client base to these properties.

Cabins of the future

Tin Can Bay Tourist Park

Sure, this property offering must be affordable to generate volume and the overall finish of products selected must be very robust to cater for all guest types. That is all now possible with the wide range of Accommodation BED COVERING options from HotelHome, Australia’s experts in textiles for Accommodation since 1984.

Selecting the best Fabric Design and Colour Combination for your Property

When multiple beds need to be dressed, often in the one room when it comes to larger family style cabins, the old rule of less is more comes into play. The key points to remember when making these important selections include:

1. Fashionable and will always present perfectly and perform.
2. Longevity
3. Laundering - able to be laundered to proper hygiene standards.
4. Syles for all budgets.

Selecting the best Product style for your Property

Short Stays - For properties accommodating overnight or short stay guests, a bed dressed in white with a Bed Runner and Cushions can work well as the bed is often dressed by the in house housekeeping team

Longer Stays -
If guests are staying for a longer period of time, a full Bed Covering style such as a Practical Fitted full drop or Cap-Top can be the answer. The biggest advantage of a full bed cover such as the Practical Fitted Bed Cover is that your guests can easily pull the bed cover up to dress the bed, without the need of housekeeping attending on a daily basis. The fabrics used to produce the Practical Fitted Bed Cover are from the HotelHome wide width “Paragon” fabric collection, which are easy care fabrics that are fully washable including a hygiene wash and do not require to be ironed or pressed after drying.

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A GOOD CHOICE for Tin Can Bay Tourist Park

The fabric design and colour combination, which is used by Tin Can Bay Tourist Park, offers a neat and tidy look for both corporate or families. The designs selected by this property are all from the HotelHome “Paragon” fabric collection.

HotelHome Paragon Fabric - Vue Pepper
HotelHome Paragon Fabric - Siam Black
HotelHome Paragon Fabric - Siam Ironbark

Bedcover – VUE Pepper
Bel-air Cushion – SIAM Black
Picket Quilted Bed Valance – SIAM Ironbark

Satisfying the guest

The correct selection of Bed Covering is a crucial part of any Accommodation room, no matter what the rating level. The Bed Coverings can give an instant message to the guest looking for obvious cleanliness, sensible quality, good taste/style, destination ambience, and an overall satisfaction that they have made a good decision to stay.

The right choice

HotelHome have Australia’s widest range of Bed Covering styles, fabric designs and colours that are not short-term fashion fads. Our expert staff can help with choosing the right product for your property

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Affordable options for all budgets
HotelHome knows this industry well and understands the budget restraints and requirements for all different properties and locations.

Bed Cover styles
With the choice of Bed Runners, Bed Shawls, Coverlets, Quilted CapTops and Bedspreads, along with Australia’s Cabin and Holiday Park favourite, the most robust Practical Fitted Bed Cover, HotelHome can suit every style of Cabin Accommodation perfectly.

Choice of Bed and Sofa Square Cushions, large or small, the oblong Breakfast and Bel Air Cushions, Round Cushions or Bolster Cushions are all available to best suit your property.


What guests say about a properly appointed cabin
This was an absolutely amazing cabin to stay at, very stylish, clean and spacious. The park itself was lovely as well. Close to shopping facilities and attractions and the reception staff were lovely and helpful.

TripAdvisor Reviewer


First impressions always count

Online booking
With most guests now booking Accommodation online, the first impression they are receiving is via the photo’s they see on a property’s website or online booking service.

The guest expects to see the same well - presented room when they arrive at the property

Brisbane Holiday Village, understanding their client

The team at Brisbane Holiday Village recently updated their Vogue cabins by refreshing the overall palette of the room and incorporating a white top of bed presentation alongside fresh coral coloured Cushions and Bed Runners.

This brand-new look now gives the property a fresh new impression to any potential guest booking accommodation online.

Arriving at the property
The correct selection of commercial quality products will also deliver an even better impression when guests physically arrive at the property, as the guests are reassured that they are staying at a quality establishment who’s Management really does care about the ambience and experience they are offering to their guests.

Brisbane Holiday Village - Before Refurb

Need advice or require fabric samples?

Talk to our experienced HotelHome staff who can help with product styles, design and colour if required and a Sample Pack with various fabric design and colour options to suit your property will be packaged and forwarded the next day.

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