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Best Bed Covering and Hotel Linen for Cabins

It can be easy to come up with an exciting way to dress one bed only whilst still keeping the overall styling simple, however when dressing multiple beds in the one space such as a cabin, more thought and considering is required to ensure the combination of bedcoverings and hotel linen co-ordinate well and flow throughout the different rooms and spaces.

How to dress cabin beds well and with ease

Unlike the standard Hotel or Motel room that most commonly has one bed set up in middle of the room demanding centre stage, Cabins are unique as they often have up to 4 or 5 beds which can include both ensembles and bunk beds.

From our experience when working with our Cabin clientele we find by using a combination of hotel linen and bedcovering fabrics that are both simple and consistent not only makes housekeeping easier but also offers a more upmarket and uniform look for the guest to experience.

Creating a simple look does not mean that bold patterns and bright colours need to be avoided and that only plain fabrics need to be used, the simplicity and flow can be achieved by using fabrics in the same colour family that co-orindate well.

Below we talk about which Bed Covering styles work best when dressing cabin beds.


The Bed Runner and Cushion combination with hotel linen is the classic “go-to” look for properties of all styles these days as this is the perfect opportunity to add colour to the room as well as offering protection to the end of the bed with the use of a Bed Runner.

With more properties now opting to dress their beds using either a third flat sheet (white) presentation, by finishing the bed off with a proper commercial quality bed runner and cushion (or cushions) using stylish and high quality commercial fabrics is a winner every time.

The most popular cushion and bed runner combination used by better end cabin accommodation includes an elongated Cushion (such as the Bel-air Cushion) in conjunction with a Luxury Bed Runner.

For cabins with Bunk Beds, it is best to select a fabric that can be used to produce not only Bed Runners and Cushions but also Practical Fitted Bed Covers or Bunk Covers, Quilt Covers and Presentation covers. This ensures the cabin looks uniform and gives the guest the feeling that the overall scheme co-ordinates.

To break up the Beds a contrasting cushion can be used on the larger sized beds in one of the elongated styles (such as the Bel-air or Breakfast style cushions).


For properties who are looking for a super easy and neat bedcovering option – the Practical Fitted Bed Cover is the answer.

This Bedcovering style along with hotel linen is ideal for properties who do not offer a full room make up service everyday as it can be pulled up over the mattress and the fitted corners ensure a neat a tailored finish everytime.

The main benefits of using the Practical Fitted Bed Cover in a Cabin Style Accommodation include:

  • Easy Bed Making and Maintenance
  • No Iron
  • Colourfast fabrics
  • Easy to store
  • Available in Full Drop (to cover the bed base) or a Cap-Top Style
  • Co-ordinating Bed Coverings including Bed Runners, Cushions, Quilt Covers and Presentation Covers can be produced using the same fabric to ensure a full co-ordinating story in all rooms if required.
  • Will fit all bed sizes and styles as this bed covering style and can be customised if required as this product is proudly manufactured in Australia.


The perfect alternative to a white presentation sheet.

Made from a reversible fully washable heavy-duty fabric in a large selection of fabric designs and colourways, makes a lot of sense to housekeeping and owners of accommodation properties wanting to reduce cost whilst presenting a smart alternative look.

The Presentation Bed Cover works well along with hotel linen on both ensemble beds as well as bunk beds as it can be easily tucked in a sandwiched under the Mattress, without having to worry about sewn in or fitted corners.

Another benefit of the Presentation Bed Cover, is that it can be used over a Blanket or even a Quilt.


The HotelHome woven Quilt Covers are produced using fabric designs within the HotelHome Paragon Fabric Collection which is the base fabric used for many of our best-selling Cushion and Bed Runner styles.

This woven Quilt Cover option with hotel linen is not only serviceable for properties who do not want the extra maintenance of a plain white quilt cover but it also offers an element of texture and design to the Hotel room. This style of Quilt Cover can be produced using one of our semi-plain textured fabric designs or a larger overall patterned design and then put back with plain accessories, making it a versatile style.

Many Cabin and Motel style properties who have more than one bed in their room or rooms, prefer to use the woven Quilt Covers on their smaller or bunk beds and then co-ordinate the larger or ensemble beds back with bed Runners and Cushions in the same fabric.

Our design and customer service teams are always happy to provide fabric design suggestions and assist with your selections by providing fabric sample cuttings in assorted designs and colourways.


The Bunk Cover is basically a combination of the Presentation Cover and Practical Fitted Flat-top, Cap-top. This Bedcovering style is made especially to fit the size of your bunk bed mattress, to ensure a snug fit.

The benefit of a custom sized Bunk Cover, is that it makes the dressing of the Bunk Bed quick and easy with minimal or no tuck (under the mattress) for housekeeping staff and guests. This minimal tuck is especially important when dressing the top bunk bed as not only can the top bunk be a little akward to reach but often it can be up against a wall.

For properties who want to add an extra element to the bed, this Bunk Cover can be used with a matching or co-ordinating cushion.

As all HotelHome decorative Bed Coverings are designed and manufactured here in Australia, we have the flexibility of creating customised Bed Covering combinations for our clients. This includes producing not only the Quilt Cover but also other co-ordinating products including Bed Runners and Cushions.


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