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Quick Overview

Feather Composition: 10% Down & 90% Small Soft Feather
To Fit Bed Sizes: Single / Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King
Loft Height: 10-12cm

The exclusive and most popular Mattress Topper, as used by Australia's Leading Hotels.

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To Fit Bed sizes:

  • KING

Please contact HotelHome if your property or Hotel Group requires a special sized Cloud Feather Down Mattress Topper, as special sizes can be produced in bulk quantities.

Manufactured to the Highest Hotel Standards

100% Cotton Japara Cover

To withstand the migration of the smaller Feathers, the finest Down Proof Japara fabric is used as the outer face fabric of the Cloud and is a 100% Cotton

Natural Fabric that is breathable (to help allow air into the Cloud), comfortable to sleep on and is very durable.

Internal Baffles positioned to maximise loft where the body requires most support

HotelHome manufactures the Cloud Mattress Topper with a 6 cm internal wall to fit more feathers and down in each chamber.

Optimal fill

When developing "The Cloud" Gen II a greater overall mass of fill, (10% Down & 90% small soft Feather) has been used compared to other branded mattress toppers being offered to today’s market. This ideal quantity of the very expensive Down has kept the price of this high-quality Topper to a minimum and making it a more affordable option to more Hotel groups and consumers who were wanting a genuine feather down bed topper.

10% Down 90% Soft Feather

This combination of 10% down and a high feather mass of 90% soft feather creates the perfect sensation of lying on a cloud.

The extra quantity of small feather does add extra weight to the overall product which helps eliminate movement on a mattress, however the result is a magnificent soft feather down Mattress Topper at a very competitive price.

It is important to note that The Cloud has a mixed fill of Down and Feather and not a separated fill with a smaller amount of overall Down content. Down does capture a larger quantity of air and more quickly than the small soft feather, so the Gen II has a generous quantity of down especially when mixed with the small soft feather to trap the correct amount of air into each specially designed chamber. The weight of the "Cloud Gen II" is over 2000 grams per square metre, which is above industry standard. The Gen II is the most popular Mattress Topper used by Australia’s Luxury Hotels, including the new Darling, Gold Coast and Sydney.

Comparing Fill Weights

It is worth noting that The Cloud has a higher percentage of fill than any other mattress topper. Taking into account the down component weighs almost nothing, it further accentuates the substantial fill of a genuine Cloud Mattress Topper. For example, a King Bed HotelHome Gen II Cloud has 6700gm of fill with a genuine 10% down component included.

Additional details for The Cloud™ Mattress Topper

  • Manufactured to the highest standard for supreme guest comfort and commercial Housekeeping practicality. Only using natural fibres – no synthetics to ensure the ultimate in comfortable sleep.
  • 5 star Hotel Luxury sleeping system
  • Internal baffles designed for weight distribution
  • The Loft of this Mattress Topper is approx. 10-12cms (measured from the middle of the baffle)
  • Weight of “‘The Cloud”’™ Mattress Topper in Queen Bed size is approximately 10 kgs (when this product is packaged)
  • No retail style elasticised straps, which prevent the Mattress Topper from being rotated. Elasticised straps are really only ever required for very lightweight mattress protectors not a true Hotel Mattress Topper. Instead, “‘The Cloud”’™ being a substantial Mattress Topper can be lifted, rotated and puffed up regularly.
  • "The Cloud"™ Mattress Topper is another product from HotelHome, Australia’s leaders in style, quality and comfort in textile products for premium Hotels and Luxury Residences.

Caring for The Cloud™ Mattress Topper

To maintain the Cloud Mattress Topper it is important to be aware that any moisture from excess sweat or accidents will always need to be removed from this natural feather/down product and obviously it should be avoided.

The Cloud should be taken off and aired every 6 months or so for at least a few hours and then it will not require any cleaning. If the Cloud should become soiled, it must be cleaned only by a professional and reputable dry cleaner. Although it is not a necessity for everybody, HotelHome highly recommends using the 5 Star Hot Wash Waterproof mattress protector (Laundry Safe) with The Cloud Mattress Topper, to keep the product dry at all times. This special protector will not detract from the feeling of The Cloud Mattress Topper underneath.

Visit the Hot Wash Mattress Protector Here.