Mosaic Royal Large Decorative Cushion with Clipper Silk Breakfast Cushion

By: HotelHome Project Design Team 16th October, 2019

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Below HotelHome, the bed covering experts, suggest a few key pointers on how to ensure your rooms look and feel fresh and ready for the warmer seasons.

Springtime is when everything comes back to life and is the ideal time to inject colour back into your room décor.

Just by injecting a small dose of colour into your rooms, which can be as simple as the introduction of updated artwork or even just one stand-alone bed or sofa cushion in an impact colour or design, can surprisingly instantly make your rooms look cleaner and fresher.

Ikat Citrus Ink Large Decorative Cushion


Large Decorative Cushion
An impact cushion, that incorporates multiple colours can be the perfect way to Inject colour onto the bed or in the room of an accommodation property.


It is best not to be afraid of colour and design, as even soft muted colours can offer impact and when in doubt always ask for a selection colour samples to look at in the rooms and help make the final decision process so much easier.

The first step to take before making any major design selections especially for decorative bed coverings and soft furnishings including cushions and bed runners, is to work out the colour scheme you like and that you think will compliment your existing décor.

Once you are armed with this minor detail, everything else will fall into place and by sticking to fabrics that are in a similar colour family ensures you will never make a design or fabric combination mistake.

The Design Team at HotelHome are always happy to offer advice and assist in coming up with a suitable fabric design and colour combination to work at your property, no matter the style or location.

Please see a few examples of colour combinations below , which are all commercial quality fabrics that can be used to produce Bed Runners and Cushions suited to an accommodation environment.

Cool Tones

Persia Turquoise Luxury Chenille Fabric
Chain Indigo Luxury Chenille Fabric
Clipper Silk Luxury Chenille Fabric

Earth Tones

Vue Concept Coral Luxury Chenille Fabric
Clipper Cheddar Luxury Chenille Fabric
Tribu Zest Capri Style Fabric

Zesty Tones

Ikat Citrus Ink Luxury Chenille Fabric
Persia Cuban Lime Luxury Chenille Fabric
Decoder Pickles Luxury Chenille Fabric


Wash all cushion covers – this is also a good time to assess how your cushions are performing and whether the inners need to be refreshed or if the entire cushions need to be retired and replaced with brand new and fresh options ready for the warmer seasons ahead.

When selecting cushions for a commercial accommodation property the most important factors to consider, other than the design and colourway, is that the cushion cover fabric is fully washable and that proper shaped and fully commercial quality inserts are being used.

Ikat Blue Mist Large Decorative Cushion with Clipper Silk Breakfast Cushion and Clipper Denim Luxury Runner


Get ready for the longer days and warmer nights

Rotate items such as pillows, blankets etc that may in storage whether they be stored in wardrobes in the room or in bulk storage. This not only ensures the products are being laundered but also helps share the wear of the items to help extend the overall lifetime of each product.


Inspect all protectors including pillow and mattress protectors. With the warmer weather comes more moisture so properties need to ensure expensive mattress are properly covered and protected as well as pillows. Waterproof Mattress Protectors made using new technology finishes such as the Hot Wash Mattress Protector are a good option for the warmer months as not only are they fully washable in hot temperatures by they are also waterproof and dust mite proof, whilst still being breathable with a super soft cotton bamboo cover.

HotWash Waterproof Mattress Protector
Pillow Protectors


Beds can be dressed with more of the hotel linen white sheeting exposed which can immediately make the room and beds appear cooler and fresher.

Alternatively, a cotton blanket, such as the CARLO Blanket which has been specifically designed and constructed to present well on the bed, can be used in conjunction with the standard top sheet to ensure guests are still offered a properly dressed and presented bed.

Carlo Blanket in Colour White
Hamilton Lonsdale Motel with Checkmate Pepper Contempo Bedspread and New York Cushions on their Beds

For assistance in selecting the best options to make your beds and property Spring ready or simply just advise on bed covering designs and colours, please contact HotelHome today.


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