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The Cloud Feather Mattress Topper

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  1. The Cloud 'Gen II' Feather and Down Mattress Topper

    The Cloud 'Gen II' Feather and Down Mattress Topper

    From :

    Feather Composition: 10% Down & 90% Small Soft Feather
    To Fit Bed Sizes: Single / Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King
    Loft Height: 10-12cm

    Our most popular Cloud, used by Australia's Leading Hotels.


  2. The Cloud 'Platinum' Feather and Down Mattress Topper

    The Cloud 'Platinum' Feather and Down Mattress Topper

    From :

    Feather Composition: 40% Down & 60% Small Soft Feather,
    To Fit Bed Sizes: Queen, King
    Loft Height: 10-12cm

    Experience Ultimate in Luxury Comfort!
    One of the Highest Down Content Feather Mattress Toppers on the Market!


2 Item(s)

The Cloud Feather Mattress Topper

"The Cloud" Feather and Down Mattress Topper

"The Cloud"™ Mattress Topper is the genuine and original trademarked 5 star Mattress Topper by HotelHome Australia as sold to the world’s best Hotels, since 2007.

As a true Hotel product "The Cloud"™ is far superior to any Bed Topper type of product that is sold in retail or online stores in this country.

When developing "The Cloud"™ we designed this Mattress Topper purely for a commercial application, it is not just a Mattress topper that has been produced to meet a retail price point.

"The Cloud" Mattress Topper is very easy to install as it simply sits on top of your existing Mattress.

To optimise the performance of the topper, the down and small soft feathers are mixed in the individual chambers.
Many of the retail Bed Topper products quote high percentages of down, however they are manufactured with the down in a separate thin top layer. Unlike the lighter weight retail Mattress Toppers, "The Cloud" Mattress Toppers do not require attaching to the bed.

They are weighty products and will not scrunch up or move around on the bed. "The Cloud"™ is a very large product because of the fill weight and it is similar in size to a small fridge.

For a truly luxurious world class Mattress Topper experience, there is no substitute for a quality product manufactured like "The Cloud" Platinum, with 40% down and 60% small soft feathers.

This is the optimal percentage to ensure maximum softness from the down and also the maximum support required from the stronger and heavier feathers.

"The Cloud" Platinum Mattress Topper is acknowledged both in the industry and by discerning consumers, as a world class Hotel Mattress Topper that has no equal in the Australian market.

HotelHome also designed "The Cloud" Gen II Mattress Topper especially for 5 star Hotels. The Gen II has 10% down and 90% small soft feather in each individual chamber.

Down does capture a larger quantity of air and more quickly than the small soft feather, so the Gen II Mattress Topper has an increased quantity of small soft feather to trap the correct amount of air into each specially designed chamber. This creates the sensation of lying on a cloud, when this Mattress Topper is placed on top of your existing Mattress.

The extra quantity of small feather does add extra weight to the overall product, however the result is a magnificent soft feather down Mattress Topper at a very competitive price.

The Gen II is now our most popular Mattress Topper as used by Luxury Hotels.