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By: HotelHome Project Design Team 1st July, 2019

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How do Australia's best Hotels keep their beds CleanSafe?
It all starts by carefully protecting the Hotel bed and the Hotel guest...... a genuine
Hot Wash Protector

is the only answer!

There are many basic retail styles of waterproof mattress protectors being offered to the accommodation industry HOT WASH is NOT that product!

Protecting a Star and a Prince!

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Dustmite Proof

By covering the mattress with a dust mite resistant cover, such as the Hot Wash can help reduce dust mites.

To help prevent Dust Mites it is suggested Mattresses are covered with Dust Mite Resistant Covers and must be washed at least every two months in a domestic application and ensure all bedding including sheets, pillowcases and Mattress Protectors are washed in water hotter than 55°C.


Offering Complete Protection
1) Protects the most important investment in any Hotel room.
2) Extra walled waterproof extension protects top and side of mattress including Mattress Topper if installed.

Superior Comfort: Cotton / Bamboo coated with commercial high specification PU membrane able to withstand higher temperatures.

Better Fit: The full stretch skirt is designed to fit most bed depths. The product is undetectable on the bed and does not affect the super soft luxury of "The Cloud".


The Hotel protector is also designed for long term Hotel use where commercial laundering is required. It is easily washable and fully fitted, featuring a woven cover over a very fine, yet heavy duty waterproof membrane.


A perfect match for
"The Cloud" Feather Mattress Topper


The HotelHome "HOT WASH" Waterproof Mattress Protector, is the product designed for "The Cloud".

This Hotel Waterproof protector can also be used on most Mattresses, Mattress Toppers and Mattress Pads where moisture, soiling and dust mite protection is required.

Protecting a Star and a Prince

The Star of Hotel mattress toppers is undoubtedly The Cloud Mattress Topper from HotelHome. The Cloud is the choice of Australia’s leading Hotel group The Star group and also their flagship Darling Hotels.

Whilst The Cloud is all about comfort, it also needs the best Waterproof Protector to safeguard against staining this wonderful topper product and the luxurious bed it is sitting upon.

The management of Star Group was instrumental in helping HotelHome develop the Hot Wash Mattress protector to be the highest standard Hotel bed protector for their guests.

They insisted on a waterproof product that would not be noticeable by their guests in noise factor from the heavy duty PU coating whilst being super soft with an outer cover of bamboo and cotton and not interfering with the luxurious feeling of The Cloud.

The Hot Wash Waterproof Protector is the benchmark for Australian Hotel bed protection.

Another wonderful property recently entertaining Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex and Megan the Duchess of Sussex, is of course the infamous Kingfisher Bay Resort at Fraser Island.

Kingfisher Bay Resort also chose the Hot Wash Waterproof Protector for their beds, to ensure maximum protection and comfort for their guests at all times.

What Hotel Guests say about the Hot Wash

Debbie S.

Great product

Thought it would be hot with the waterproof lining but it's not, great product!

Debbie C.

Almost invisible

You wouldn’t know this mattress protector was there its so light and soft and a great way to protect my new cloud premium mattress topper.

The Hot Wash Waterproof Protector is the sensible and affordable choice for any Hotel where topper, bed protection and cleanliness is paramount in continually satisfying their guests.


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