Sleep Well

By: HotelHome Project Design Team on May 16th, 2017

Sleep Well......

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If the average night's sleep is eight hours (i.e. one third of a day), this means we sleep for one third of our life.

If you live for say, 75 years, that's 25 years asleep!!!

There is no doubt that your bedroom, especially your bed, should be your sanctuary where you can rest, relax and forget about your daily chaos but how can Interior Design you ensure that you experience the very best in comfort and blissful sleep whilst in bed?

If you could, wouldn’t you like to spend every night of your 25 years of sleep in a Luxury Hotel Bed?

As suppliers to Luxury Accommodation Properties and Leading Hotel Designers, the HotelHome Design Team have put together their list of TOP 5 bedding items to help create the ultimate Luxury Hotel sleeping experience for your very own bed.

# 1 – The Cloud

This Luxurious Feather and Down Mattress Topper sits directly on your Mattress, transforming your bed into your very own Cloud, whilst still offering comfort and support.

# 2 – The Majestic King Pillow

Two Majestic King Pillows have been exclusively designed by HotelHome to fit perfectly across a King (or even a Queen) sized Bed.
The super soft and oversized Majestic King Pillow is a favourite for when you want to sit up in bed and read a book and is the finishing touch to dressing your bed.

# 3 – The Carlo Blanket

Carlo offers warmth without weight and is the ideal Blanket to keep on the bed during the mid-seasons. This Blanket is woven with a unique Cocoon style weave using thicker yarns and a tighter construction.
Carlo has all of the properties expected from natural cotton and offers a very simple and modern look on almost any bed style. Another benefit of the Carlo Blanket is that it can also be used as a top of bed decorative cover or folded at the end of the bed to present as a Bed Throw.

# 4 – A combination of standard Pillows which can become your very own PILLOW MENU

Above Pillow Menu image via #notquitenigella on location at Halcyon House.
Most people do have their own preference when it comes to the perfect pillow, some say the softer the better where others prefer a firm pillow.
Our suggested combination includes The International 600 Pillow (Soft Pillow) and The Madison Pillow (Medium / Firm Pillow) – which offers the best of both worlds!
The International Pillow is now receiving its very own cult following as it offers A+ presentation with a Gusset (side wall) that makes it fill the pillowcase nicely and also ensures the pillow still looks good if you decide to display it upright on the bed.
The Madison Pillow is filled with 30% down and 70% small feather and includes a 100% Japara cover (no gusset). This is a medium/firm pillow as it is densely packed and keeps it shape.

# 5 – Hotel Sheets

Nothing beats the feeling of climbing into a bed dressed in clean crisp sheets.
A characteristic of all HotelHome Hotel Quality Bed Linen / Sheet qualities, is that they will soften over time and after laundering. White Sheets are always a favourable option as they easily co-ordinate back with textured or patterned bedding accessories and can handle on going laundering - plus you know they are clean!