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Guest Health Safety - Now Covered

A New Playing Field

Guest health safety with all fabrics used in decorative bed covering, furnishings and anything else chancing guest contact, will be under scrutiny. HotelHome are on to it!

Our AUSTRALIAN Accommodation Industry knows full well, there will be a new playing field in the way Accommodation is looked at, after the Covid – 19 dust well and truly settles. Getting the guests back and filling rooms, will be the priority, but there will be other criteria which will now need immediate consideration.

Cleanliness (Old and new standards)

The words, HYGIENE, CLEANLINESS, HEALTH SAFETY, HIGH STANDARDS, PEACE OF MIND and many others are now being used and should have always been used, to satisfy future Accommodation guests that these potential guests are selecting the right property that is 100% clean and safe. Here in AUSTRALIA, most of the Accommodation at all levels, has had a standard of cleanliness that has been acceptable to most guests. Sure, in recent years there have been Nationally televised cases of disgusting housekeeping standards in some properties which raised many eyebrows, but that sort of rubbish going forward, will be a very serious setback to any operator in this industry who dares to test it and it will now cost them dearly. It is already obvious, the new required standards we are seeing from various groups including Accor, IHG, Best Western, Choice, ATIC and more, will be enough to shake up even the most lethargic people in our industry. The Star group, including The Darling hotels, are now informing their guests that bedding products are being laundered to at least 60 degrees C which is the temperature required to eliminate germs. Because HotelHome are genuine Accommodation suppliers of properly spec’d products for the higher laundering standards our industry will now require, all HotelHome Decorative Bed Covering products are designed to handle these higher temperatures whilst maintaining longevity.

COVID SAFE Cushions and Bed Runners

While reputable US researchers found that Coronavirus can remain on some surfaces for up to 72 hours, the study didn’t include fabric. “So far, evidence suggests that it’s harder to catch the virus from a soft surface (such as fabric) than it is from frequently touched hard surfaces like elevator buttons or door handles,” wrote Lisa Maragakis, MD, senior director of infection prevention at the Johns Hopkins Health System.

The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation (JHHS) in Maryland USA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest quality patient health care in the treatment and prevention of human illness.

With the above study from leading authorities not being 100% certain when it comes to fabrics in Accommodation, HotelHome does not take unnecessary risks. All genuine HotelHome Accommodation products will meet the necessary criteria to cater for Covid 19 unlike many domestic qualities masquerading as commercial and sold to some properties.


Clean & Hygenic Fabrics
So far, evidence suggests that it’s harder to catch the virus from a soft surface (such as fabric) than it is from frequently touched hard surfaces like elevator buttons or door handles


Guest Expectations

In many cases, the guest expectation will be different, particularly in the mid to better end Accommodation. Changes to guest expectations, will be with us for a long time and it would be foolish for any property, not to either treat as top priority or to seriously consider what changes are required.

The seasoned discerning guest has always had a strong focus on the obvious cleanliness of the property they are visiting, but this will all be taken to a new level with a wider range of more alert guests and we must be ready for it.

Industry Scrutiny

To gain immediate Accommodation guest reassurance, much of the initial emphasis will be to clarify the high levels of sanitization between guest visits, from a new guest’s entry to exit. As mentioned in our previous Cleanliness section, many Industry members are already making noise about their new “Cleanliness Programmes”, but we can expect a lot more on that subject over coming weeks/months, from all sorts of Industry leaders and observers.

Property Promotion

With all of the negativity Covid 19 has brought upon our Accommodation industry, the new levels of cleanliness/hygiene which will be required as the industry opens up, will be seen as a good vehicle for astute properties to advertise / promote these new higher standards within their properties Many of the larger Hotel groups have already started promoting it, as mentioned.

Kickstarting Accommodation / Guest Confidence

During this period of kickstarting our Industry and this strong message of overall strict cleanliness in all properties to attract guests and also to regain their confidence of our industry, the pristine presentation of a guests bed and the scrupulously clean decorative furnishings the guest will be using, will also be a very important issue going forward. Guest expectations of room cleanliness will go much further than just wiping down all surfaces, hand washing and less human contact. There will now be a higher overall room scrutiny and opting for a sterile, all white hospital/dormitory look will not be the answer to making guests feel comfortable, quite the opposite. Guests will expect the same standards and presentation of Decorative Bed Covering and comfort products, including luxury finishes, depending on the level of the property. The guest will however expect a genuine assurance of the property’s cleanliness programme.

The Importance of HotelHome with Covid 19 upon us

Since 1984 HotelHome have been the leading and also affordable AUSTRALIAN Designers and Manufacturers of all genuine Decorative Bed Covering in this country, covering every aspect of Accommodation from AUSTRALIA’S largest high end City Hotel groups, Coastal Resorts, Country Motels, Cabins, Nursing Homes, Luxury Ships, Trains and Airlines. All of these clients will be affected by where Covid 19 is taking Accommodation from now on and only HotelHome has the proven credentials with “CleanSafe” standards, to provide reliable Fabrics and finished Bed Covering products that will perform and can handle constant laundering for serious cleanliness and expected guest safety to the next level. This is not new to HotelHome, this higher level of laundering ability has always been a standard feature with all Fabrics and Decorative products to ensure HotelHome products can always be 100% clean and safe to use with guests. Along with the advanced laundering benefits, the obvious quality, style, presentation, and longevity of HotelHome have always been just standard expectations for thousands of properties around AUSTRALASIA.

HotelHome and CleanSafe

For the past 36 years, our Accommodation clients keep coming back because they know a HotelHome product will always be the most cost effective, long term product, that is built to handle the rigours of Accommodation. This includes HotelHome’s own internal benchmark for product cleanliness “CleanSafe” and the higher standards of intensive laundering expected in some areas, especially Nursing Home Accommodation, which may soon apply to all Accommodation.

HotelHome Understands all Accommodation

HotelHome products have never been cheap retail imports, disguised and sold as product for this Accommodation Industry on price alone. There are plenty of on sellers in this Industry offering all sorts of inferior domestic product to inexperienced Accommodation operators who end up losing on the bottom line. Astute Accommodation operators will now be very aware not to risk guest safety and cleanliness standards by installing the incorrect textile qualities. All HotelHome genuine Accommodation textile products are very competitive and successfully meet the market along with all longevity criteria, but we will not compromise on the correct qualities required for this Industry just to meet an unrealistic price.

Checklist to ensure your rooms are fresh and clean for your guests

3 easy steps to ensure the soft furnishings and bedding in your rooms are always fresh and clean for your guests:


Select Decorative Bed Coverings that can always present well, even after rough guest treatment and can be laundered to 60 degrees on a regular basis.

This is not a concern when selecting Decorative Bed Coverings from HotelHome as all fabrics are designed and woven here in AUSTRALIA and specifically engineered for a commercial application which ensures they can not only handle the rough treatment of a commercial environment but can also be laundered regularly and can even be put through a hygiene wash when required.

HotelHome has AUSTRALIA’S widest range of fabrics in all types of finishes and textures. HotelHome colour pallets are selected for long term, good taste room furnishings that are not just flashy domestic trends that will date a property prematurely.


Keep a critical eye on Pillows regularly

Replace old pillows with washable pillow options, such as the Micro Ball pillows by HotelHome.

  • Although all pillows should be used in conjunction with a pillow protector, especially in a commercial environment, look for pillows with a Micro Ball fill which can be washed on a regular basis.

  • All HotelHome Micro Ball pillows which include the Resort, International and the ever so popular Majestic King Pillow, can be machine washed up to 60 degrees C which is the requirement for germ elimination.


Cover your Mattresses with Waterproof Mattress Protectors.

The HotelHome HOT WASH Mattress Protector has long been the preferred Mattress Protector for some of AUSTRALIA’S most recognised and fussiest properties as not only is it undetectable to Hotel guests but it can withstand a proper commercial Hot Wash. Key features of the HotelHome HOT WASH Mattress Protector:

  • Waterproof
  • Dustmite Proof
  • Higher Launder Temperatures
  • Soft and Comfortable Cotton/Bamboo Cover
  • Improve guest comfort and reassurance of cleanliness
  • Extra Quiet for restless sleepers

Complete Protection:

  1. Protects: the most important investment in any Hotel room.(The Bed)
  2. Extra walled: waterproof extension protects top and side of mattress including Mattress Topper if installed.
  3. Superior Comfort: Cotton / Bamboo coated with commercial high specification PU membrane able to withstand higher temperatures.
  4. Better Fit: The full stretch skirt is designed to fit most bed depths.
  5. CleanSafe:: Another HotelHome product that has higher specifications inbuilt to meet the laundering, cleanliness and longevity to satisfy all guests.


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