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By: HotelHome Project Design Team 18th February, 2020

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Easy "ROOMS REFRESH" in 3 Steps….
"Tired rooms are the enemy in accommodation”
and they will always end up affecting occupancy,

but, it does not always mean a full refurbishment is required! Often, a smart new look in Bed Coverings just to suit your property, can quickly refresh accommodation rooms, easily and economically.
Where do you start?
A "Rooms Refresh" with HotelHome Bed Coverings is as simple as 1,2,3.

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Step 1/

Choosing options in COLOUR and DESIGN (especially to suit your property)

To start the process, HotelHome need to know your preferred product styles, fabric design/colourways to go with the colour and décor of your rooms.

You can either send through examples of your existing furnishings via images from your website or by taking a basic photo and from there our experienced team can get a good reading of what will then work best for you.

From there, the HotelHome design team can assist you to whatever level of help you prefer, when it comes to selecting suitable options for your property and arranging samples.

HotelHome Easy Rooms Refresh Mood Board

Many properties who have engaged an Interior Designer or FF & E operator, even send physical samples of carpet, curtains and wall coverings to ensure an accurate colour match.

No matter how much or how little you can provide in relation to your décor or preferences, any details will help with the initial selection and submission process.

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The HotelHome Difference
The difference when working with a company like HotelHome is that all HotelHome Bed Coverings are purpose designed for a commercial application and our people have experience from working with Cabin Parks, Motels, Resorts, City Hotels to Australia's largest 5 star Hotels. This means all HotelHome decorative Bed Coverings and Cushions at all levels will be the correct long-term choice for your property at a budget to suit. Your Bed Covering products will be produced using heavy duty commercial quality fabrics, that are fully washable and colourfast and they will go the distance required.

As all HotelHome fabrics are designed in Australia by HotelHome and also woven here in Australia, HotelHome understand “Australian Accommodation” and we are able to come up with an option to suit all property styles and budgets.

Send HotelHome a photo of your existing rooms and décor
-- OR --
Send HotelHome mood board ideas from your own Interior Designer

Step 2/

You receive a comprehensive SAMPLE PACK

Once our design team knows your preferred product style/design/colour or they have an idea of the style, colours and location of your property, as well as your targeted clientele, a customised fabric sample pack will be put together especially for your property.

HotelHome Easy Rooms Refresh Fabric Samples

What is included in a sample pack?
A HotelHome fabric sample pack is tailored specifically for each client / property or project. This includes sample cuttings of fabric design and colour options that will work in with your preferred scheme and budget.

As HotelHome is the only accommodation textiles provider, producing various fabric widths for this industry including extra wide width for seamless products, the fabric samples you receive will also be best suited for the particular Bed Coverings style you are interested in.

This sample pack can be sent either direct to your property or designer.

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Special Projects and exclusive designs
In some cases, especially for new build or larger refurbishment projects, an exclusive fabric design, logo, or colourway can be woven. Special sizes or styles of product can also be created when required.

Contact the HotelHome design team today to discuss your project, as the options we can create are endless and you are not limited to the standard HotelHome fabric design and colour offering.

HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Mosaic Royal
HotelHome Capri Fabric - Gem Mustard
HotelHome Capri Fabric - Star Concept Navy
HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Vue Concept Mustard
HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Clipper Mustard
HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Persia Corfu Blue
HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Decoder Pickles
HotelHome Paragon Fabric - Siam Pewter
HotelHome Capri Fabric - Watercolour Blue
HotelHome Paragon Fabric - Siam Citron
HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Chain Indigo
HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Ikat Citrus Turquoise
HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Persia Royal
HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Clipper Silk
HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Grid Cuban Lime
HotelHome Luxury Chenille Fabric - Plait Natural

    *Above is a typical Sample Pack - based on a clients suggested preferences

Step 3/

Finished Products READY TO INSTALL at your Property

Based on your final colour, design and product style selections, HotelHome will then manufacture your finished Bed Coverings so they are delivered to your property ready to impress your guests.

HotelHome Star Concept Navy Luxury Runner, Gen Mustard Breakfast Cushion, Persia Royal Large Decorative Cushions

What is the real difference between purchasing commercial quality vs domestic retail options in Bed Coverings?

When it comes to “Accommodation Bed Coverings”, purchasing properly selected commercial quality is always the cheapest option.

Bed Covering is the first thing most guests observe when first entering a room and looking at the bed. This accommodation industry cannot afford to let "shabbiness" affect business and by trying to save just a few dollars at first, obvious costly mistakes are made.

Ensuring your property is well presented to your guests for the long term and having confidence in the longevity of your Bed Coverings and Sofa Cushions for up to 7 years+, is comforting to any property owner/manager that they have also made the sensible financial decision when working with HotelHome.

Always remember,
“Tired rooms are the enemy in accommodation”


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