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By: HotelHome Project Design Team 15th April, 2019

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The first and only 5 Star Hotel rated by Forbes

The Darling in Sydney has been rated as the first and only 5-star hotel in Sydney by Forbes. The Cloud mattress topper by HotelHome is very proud to be part of the supreme bed comfort in this beautiful property.


Forbes must just love beautifully comfortable beds with “The Cloud’ mattress topper, as Forbes have now rated the Darling as Sydney’s first and only 5 star Hotel.


The Darling of Hotel mattress toppers is chosen by the Darling.

It is well known The Star Hotel group, owners of The Darling, have many very serious commitments to improving this industry and one that stands out, is their offering guests the absolute ultimate in sleep comfort with the high standard of their beds and mattress toppers.

Both The Star and The Darling Hotels including the 6 star Darling Gold Coast, chose The Cloud mattress topper by HotelHome to be installed in all of their beds because it had the proven reputation and simply offered the highest level of bed comfort to their guests.

Hotel guests of the Darling and Star properties in Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane are spoilt with only the very best from the perfectly appointed rooms and surrounds, world class cuisine and of course having the pleasure of sleeping on Australia’s No1 Mattress Topper, “The Cloud” by HotelHome Australia.

And now, the Darling in Sydney has been rated as the first and only 5-star hotel in Sydney by Forbes.

The Darling | The Star | The Cloud Mattress Topper by HotelHome

Image via The Darling | The Star Sydney

You can now recreate the comfort of the beds at the Darling by purchasing The Cloud Gen II mattress topper and Hot Wash Mattress Protector for yourself.

Q - Which Mattress Topper is used at the Darling Hotels and at the Star Hotels?

A - The Cloud Gen II Mattress Topper by HotelHome is used at all Star Properties including The Darling Sydney, The Darling Gold Coast, The Star Sydney, The Star Gold Coast and the Treasury Brisbane.

The Cloud, Australia’s No 1 mattress topper also needs the best Waterproof Mattress Protector and the hotel management of Star asked HotelHome to produce a high-quality PU protector that must be super soft and quiet to sleep on and could not be detected on the top of The Cloud and it could be safely laundered at commercial temperatures. HotelHome then developed the “Hot Wash”, the discreet premium Waterproof Protector with a soft Cotton/Bamboo cover that outperforms any commercial bed protector in this country and is available in all sizes.


Mr. John Autelitano, newly appointed General Manager of Hotels at the Star and Darling Gold Coast, is the man who was instrumental in The Darling at The Star Sydney, receiving its Forbes Five-Star rating. He is also the same person behind HotelHome creating the super soft Cotton Bamboo Hot Wash Waterproof Mattress Protector now used in Australia’s best Hotels. Mr. Autelitano demanded the absolute best in guest sleeping experiences, right down to the softest and quietest commercial mattress protector. The Hot Wash protector was designed and then produced to enhance the higher comfort standard and also to add complete protection to “The Cloud” Feather Down Mattress Topper.

Guests at both The Star and The Darling Gold Coast can look forward to experiencing the very best in Hotel bedding, which includes sleeping on “The Cloud” Feather Down Mattress Topper by HotelHome.

The Hot Wash Cotton Bamboo Mattress Protector by HotelHome

  • Water Proof
  • Dustmite Proof
  • High Launder Temperatures
  • Cotton / Bamboo Cover
  • Improve Guest Comfort

The Hot Wash offers Complete Protection:

  1. Protects the most important investment in any Hotel room / or Bed room.
  2. Extra walled waterproof extension protects top and side of mattress including Mattress Topper if installed.

Superior Comfort: Cotton / Bamboo coated with commercial high specification PU membrane able to withstand higher temperatures.

Better Fit: The full stretch skirt is designed to fit most bed depths.

The GenII Mattress Topper

The Cloud Feather Mattress Topper

Australias No.1 Feather and Down Mattress Topper. Experience real luxurious comfort.

The Hot Wash Mattress Protector

The Hot Wash Mattress Protector

Fully fitted, Waterproof and Dust mite proof. An excellent accompliment to the Cloud Feather Mattress Topper.


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