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By: HotelHome Project Design Team on April 20th, 2017

How to create the ultimate Bed for an Airbnb accommodation property using products available from the Hotel Bedcovering experts HotelHome Australia.

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As major suppliers to some of Australia’s largest and most exclusive Hotels, Resorts and Interior Designers, here our own project and design team gives an insight on how to create the ultimate Bed for an Airbnb Property.

#1 – Ensure true commercial qualities are being offered to your Airbnb guests, this not only ensures your clients feel as if they are staying in a luxury accommodation property but also ensures you are not needing to purchase replacements too regularly – thus being a more economical option in the long run for your Airbnb property.

True Commercial Quality Bed Linen and Bedcoverings are purpose designed and constructed to handle the rigours of continuous laundering etc unlike basic retail quality products which cannot handle the extra wear that occurs in a commercial or Airbnb environment.

#2 – Be careful not to follow domestic trends too closely, you can still create an “on trend” look in your Airbnb room by adding “on trend” items in the way of artwork, table lamps and small accessories. These items are usually not big ticket items so are easy to replace as trends change however do not skimp on the bedding items you are offering to your guests as they are of course staying with you to sleep so you need to offer them the ultimate in comfort and good quality.

Here are the very special optional extra’s, on top of just the basic sheets and quilt etc that you will need to make your Airbnb guests want to come back for more:

4 sided, Fully Fitted Bed Valance such as the Suite Valance – this ensures no unsightly bed bases are exposed and is the finishing touch to any Airbnb bed room.

This product is purpose designed to not get caught in castors, vacuum cleaner heads or by passing suitcases.

Mattress Topper If you want to take your Airbnb property to the next level and offer your guests the ultimate in comfort whilst sleeping on 100% natural fibres, The “Cloud” Feather Bed Topper is the perfect option . This trademarked and original Hotel Mattress Topper is exclusive to HotelHome and will fit directly on the top of your existing Mattress Topper. HotelHome does also offer a basic Microball synthetic Topper at an economical price point.

Oversized Pillows Even if you don’t have a bed head in your room/s, an oversized pillow such as the Majestic King not only creates extra comfort for your Airbnb guests (it is the ideal pillow to use when sitting up in bed reading a book or watching TV) but it can also add the finishing touch and a point of difference to what can be seen in a normal domestic bedroom.

100% Cotton Blanket for all year round comfort and perfect presentation. The Carlo Blanket not only offers warmth but has also been purpose designed and constructed to use as a full top of bed cover (or a substitute for a third flat sheet) and in the warmer months, the Carlo Blanket can be folded at the end of the bed to present like a bed runner.

Laundry Safe Mattress Protector Fully fitted, Waterproof and Dust mite proof, this Hotel Quality Protector is designed for long term Hotel use where commercial laundering is required.

A perfect match for "The Cloud" Feather Bed Topper

The HotelHome "Hot Wash" Waterproof Mattress Protector, is the product designed for "The Cloud". It is easily washable and fully fitted, featuring a woven cover over a very fine, yet heavy duty waterproof membrane. The product is undetectable on the bed and does not affect the super soft luxury of "The Cloud". This HotelHome protector acts as a dust mite barrier. It also keeps "The Cloud" clean and dry and eliminates the need to dry clean it regularly which is perfect for your Airbnb property.

This Hotel Waterproof protector can also be used on most Mattresses, Mattress Toppers and Mattress Pads where moisture, soiling and dust mite protection is required.

Clean, Fresh & Easy Maintenance Sheets and Bed Linen White is always the best option as it lets your Airbnb guests know that the Bed Linen is fresh and clean and is a breeze to launder. A Cotton Rich Sheeting Quality offers ease in laundering and in some cases can eliminate the requirement to iron and press the linen. HotelHome has various qualities available to fit most bed sizes.

The Finishing Touches By using high quality Cushions and decorative Bed Runners, throws etc. you again will not have the concern of the bedcoverings becoming shabby after a very short period of time – as a stained and pilled cushion is not the welcome any Airbnb guest wants to experience.

True Commercial Quality decorative bedcoverings are manufactured using heavy duty commercial fabrics and extra special attention is made to components such as the cushion inner – ensuring cored inners are used.


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