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Apollo Turquoise Cushions

Fiddlesticks String Runner

Malibu Aqua Gold Presentation Cover

Concha Aqua Taupe Runner and Bel-Air cushion

Temple Coverlet - Mondo Red

Fiddlesticks Dalmatian Runner

The HotelHome Difference

HotelHome is a creative textile company with over 30 years’ experience specializing in Fabric design, weaving and manufacturing of Fabrics and stylish Bed Covering for all levels of Accommodation. HotelHome are Fabric specialists only and we do not on sell other non-textile products to this industry. The Bed Covering styles shown on this website are some examples of what HotelHome can produce for our accommodation clients, however if you require something different for your property, contact HotelHome on the freecall phone or email below.

Creating a ‘Signature Look’ with no fuss

HotelHome can create a “Signature Look” for your property’s Bed Covering, in conjunction with your Designers or Management. This can be created by co-ordinating the wide range of HotelHome stock fabrics on this website, in different textures and in many colours, then manufacturing the chosen fabric in to a stylish product as shown on this web page, to suit your property. The other option for medium to larger projects is starting fresh with an initial idea/concept, designing and weaving prototype samples and then producing exclusive finished product, all on time, within budget and dealing with the one experienced supply company.


For all projects, no matter how large or small, samples will always be available and HotelHome can work direct with Property management if required or through the preferred Architects, Designers, or FF&E operators. For medium to large projects, any special sampling or prototypes can be arranged in a very quick timeframe. Our design team are very experienced and understand the tight deadlines sometimes required for these projects.

Industry Bed Presentation

HotelHome is still proud to be Australia’s No1 wholesaler for consistent quality Bed Covering, with an emphasis on improving overall style and bed presentation for this industry, where guests have higher expectations and they are becoming more discerning about where they stay. The high standard of HotelHome products has been proven over many years. HotelHome will always guarantee a consistent look of quality and ensure much better longevity, making HotelHome the most affordable option every time.

One Stop Shop

HotelHome offer Australia’s widest range of premium quality and proven accessories to completely fit out a bed. From a basic Mattress Protector, to Quilts, Sheets, Mattress Toppers and seriously comfortable Pillows, HotelHome has it all. All of our products are competitively priced to meet the market, but we will never compromise on quality, just to meet a price.


Other Products and other Accommodation

As well as being totally involved in Hotel, Motel and Resort Accommodation, HotelHome does cater for other areas involving commercial textiles, including the above categories. For More information on any of the solutions below, Freecall 1800 HOTELHOME (1800 468 354),submit your query via our online form, or email us directly.

Health Care Bed Covering

HotelHome can produce almost any type of Bed Cover and Hospital Screen required for Aged Care, Nursing Homes, Private Hospitals etc. Specifications such as FR, Washability, Durability and designs and colours to suit the particular application is easy to achieve. The new non-skid Counterpane or special sized Bed Cover is now also available. HotelHome can work direct with the client management or their architects/designers if required.

Mining Accommodation Textiles

All textile products for Mining Accommodation are most often required to handle heavy duty treatment, whilst having some degree of style and not looking too institutional. Products must be washable and they should be quick and easy to install for housekeeping. These products must offer extended longevity and they must be keenly priced.

Bulk Sheeting

HotelHome carries Australia’s largest range of wide width sheeting in both square weaves and jacquards. Qualities start from 76 x 68 Taupe coloured lining to various white sheeting qualities in 50/50 and cotton rich qualities in 285 cm and 300 cm widths to highest quality white jacquards. Mocha coloured heavy duty sheeting is also available. Visit our Fabric Page {Link to Fabric Page} for more information.

What to look out for when selecting Hotel / Motel and Resort Bed Coverings i.e. Bed Runners, Cushions etc.

Often when selecting Hotel / Motel and Resort Bed Coverings the greatest priority (other than price) is placed on the colour of the Bed Runners, Cushions etc which is of course essential, however the selection of correct fabric construction and composition should equally be the number one priority. The above priorities will also make the fabric/product more affordable in the long term.

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It is most important, when selecting Bed Coverings, such as Bed Runners, Cushions etc for a commercial environment, that you ensure the Bed Coverings are made using proper

Commercial quality fabrics for Bed Covering application and not just curtain fabrics. Bed Covering fabrics should incorporate most of the following characteristics:

  • Fully Washable
  • Colourfast
  • High Rub Test credentials
  • Fire Retardant


Commercial Bed Covering fabrics, no matter what the construction or composition (ie FR Polyester, Chenille etc) need to be woven tight with short loops to ensure they can withstand the rigours and extra demand that is put on Bed Coverings, in particular decorative Bed Coverings ie Bed Runners, Cushions, Bed Valances etc in a commercial environment – no matter what the star rating of the property.

All HotelHome Bed Coverings including Bed Runners, Cushions, Bed Valances, Bedspreads and Cap Tops are designed, styled and manufactured in Australia specifically to suit a commercial application.

By selecting true commercial quality Bed Runners, Cushions etc, it not only ensures longevity of the product with a longer term element of fashion, but it also ensures the products will continue to present well to your guests and keep your rooms looking up to date and fresh, thus extending the time between refurbishment and the need to replace goods prematurely. This sensible approach is where real cost savings are made for all properties.

Using a POP of Colour in a commercial environment

The accommodation industry has come a long way in the terms of how Hotel, Motel and Resort rooms are being styled and how colour is being used.

Many properties are finding that they are no longer afraid of incorporating the use of colour and design, however this must be done right to ensure the room and property does not look tired within a short period of time.

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The HotelHome design team offer their hints on how a Pop of colour can work in your favour:

Select a colour or colours that suit your property and location (ie Urban looks should stay in the city and vice versa with tropical looks in a resort environment.) or work with one of your our brand / corporate colours.

Once you chose your core colour, carry this throughout the artwork, bed coverings, scatter cushions and armchair or desk chair. However keep the rest of the scheme including carpet, drapery/window coverings, lighting, joinery and paintwork neutral as these are the areas that are less likely to need constant replacement and can be the costly items to replace. The comment we receive from many clients is that their drapery and furniture is in A+ condition however it is dated, which is the only reason it is being replaced.

Ask for samples, often it is not until a selection of samples are placed in the room that you can really get an idea of what is going to work for you. So often, the option that you thought would not work (as it is too bright or dark or patterned) is the option that works best.

Co-ordinate! By co-ordinating your bedcoverings and not just using the one fabric ie the same design and colour for your cushions, Bed Runner and Bed Valance you will add more texture to the bed but also give your room an upmarket look – at the same price as using the one fabric.

The Hotel Coverlet

The HotelHome Quilted Coverlet is now available in selected fabric designs within the “Paragon” Fabric Collection as well as the HotelHome White Jacquard fabrics.

All styles of the HotelHome Coverlet are designed and manufactured in Australia and co-ordinating products such as Picket Quilted Bed Valances, Cushions, Bolsters and Pillowcases (in the white jacquard fabrics) are available to compliment this product

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The Coverlet is designed for use all year round.

In winter the Coverlet can be pulled up to cover the mattress and offer an extra layer of warmth.

In summer and the warmer months the Coverlet can be folded along the quilting lines and present like a bed runner or bed shawl, to still offer a decorative element to the bed.

The HotelHome Coverlet is fully washable.

Standard styles of the Coverlet are available ex stock in selected fabric designs (ie The Temple Coverlet - fully reversible with the same fabric quality each side) however custom styles or one sided Coverlets (the Condo Coverlet) can be manufactured for bulk or special projects.