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By: HotelHome Project Design Team 12th July 2021

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Managing Hygiene in Bed Covers for Accommodation

The recent world pandemic has seriously put HYGIENE in Accommodation under the spotlight.

The Accommodation sector has always claimed it was very hygienic, but in most cases that was far from the truth and there were many failures at every standard of Accommodation throughout Australia. A genuine long-term strategy to permanently raise hygiene standards is now paramount.

When guests, including seasoned travellers, are now checking in to any reputable Accommodation around Australia, the one thing most will be scrutinizing and expecting, is the high standard of cleanliness in the property they are about to stay at and especially the dressed bed they will be sleeping on.

The 2 areas of HYGIENE concern in Australian Accommodation, are Pillow Protection and the Bed Cover


Pillow Protection

A Hotel bed product which touches the face is of No1 concern to almost all guests, now 100% Pillow protection for guest safety can be easily managed by introducing Hot Wash Waterproof Protectors by HotelHome for every Pillow in Accommodation properties.

The Bed Cover

The Practical Fitted Bedcover by HotelHome, is the safe, stylish and proven HYGENIC Bed Covering for Accommodation, with so many other benefits included.

Designed and totally produced in Australia for Australian Accommodation conditions, this iconic and tested Bed Cover product has now become the very sensible option for many Accommodation properties wanting to still present a more stylish and attractive bed to their guests, whilst well and truly covering the important benefits of ease of care, long life, affordability, and most especially guest hygiene.


A Bed Cover that takes only seconds to throw on to a Hotel bed, whilst adding a refreshing style, good taste and quality to any Hotel room makes a lot of sense.


Practical Fitted Bed Cover benefits

Protective Cover for guests arriving with SOILED EXCESS LUGGAGE which ends up being tossed on the bed where the guest is about to sleep on

Protective Cover for the very tired guest still wearing their SOILED SHOES on the bed.

A smart, attractive bed display for web photos and it offers guest confidence when comparing properties and booking online.

Getting away from the “ALL WHITE” institutional look. This all white look can only be successful in properties where very experienced and meticulous housekeeping are employed to allow extra time for a 100% attention to detail finish on each bed change.

It is very simple, pull it off the bed, throw it in the wash, quick dry, no iron, minimal handling (all in between guest stays if required).

The Practical Fitted Bed Cover by HotelHome and its’ non-fitted partner, the Presentation Bed Cover have been proven to be very high performers for the Australian Accommodation Industry in areas of long-term furnishing affordability, excellence in style and presentation and hygienic laundering for guest safety.

The Fabric

The heavy-duty yarns used in weaving the Practical Fitted Bed Cover are premium quality semi upholstery FR Polyesters that have a high fade resistance which can be important in a harsh country like Australia. The heavy-duty Paragon fabric used in manufacturing the Practical Fitted Bed Cover has been woven extra - wide width in Australia, specifically for high quality Hotel bed covering and joins and seams which can be weak points are kept to a minimum. The fabric has a high rub test with a fade resistance of 6 which is the highest in the industry and this is what makes this proven HotelHome product the leading Bed Cover in the industry.

Laundering between Guests

The low lustre, smooth and supple handle of the finished woven fabric, adds a high- quality feel for your guests and it requires no ironing after super quick washing and drying. Constant laundering does not affect the longevity of the product, so it can be laundered in between each guest if desired.


The Practical Fitted Bed Cover is made with fitted corners and it can be finished at the top of bed (Flat Top) with exposed pillows, or it can be finished as a semi long top, (Long Top) covering the pillows as well.

The standard Practical Fitted Bed Cover has a full length drop of 54 cms, however it can be tailored to suit the beds in your property. A Cap Top version is also available in both Flat Top and Long Top versions.

The other option to the Practical Fitted Bed Cover is the Presentation Cover, which is a large throwover that can be tucked in 3 sides or left to hang, depending on the bed ensemble style. Both products are made from the Paragon fabric collection.


The Practical Fitted Bed Cover is available in a wide collection of non -dating designs and colours to cater for the many different property styles and climates throughout Australia. Our HotelHome designs are developed to cater for the many property styles and locations in Australia. And whilst fashion trends are always considered, our designers intentionally back off from short term fads because, like all other HotelHome Bed Cover products, these Practical Fitted Bed Covers are meant to be around for the long term. All Hotel Home Bed Covers are designed, woven, and manufactured by Australians for Australians.


This is just a small example of fabric Colours and Designs

The Housekeepers Friend

The Practical Fitted Bed Cover is a favourite for Housekeeping staff, it takes only seconds to place on a Hotel bed and it fits perfectly, every time. The product can be easily stored for spares or during laundering, because it folds down neatly to a small parcel, taking up very little precious space.

Exclusive Designs or Company Logo

If your property requires something exclusive in any HotelHome Bed Cover products, whether it be a woven design, colour or logo or a combination of all three, HotelHome can come up with exactly what you desire. Obviously, some minimums are required, depending on the product, however HotelHome does not require large volumes for our Australian Made product.

Other Bed Cover Products

As well as the Practical Fitted Bed Cover, HotelHome Australia has the answer for any accommodation property wanting to satisfy and impress their guests with the largest range of easy care and hygienic Bed Covering made in Australia from high spec fabrics that not only look spectacular, but they also perform in all areas of presentation, laundering and longevity.

The HotelHome Bed Covering collection covers every style including Bed Runners, Bed Throws, Coverlets, Quilted Spreads and of course the iconic Practical Fitted Bed Cover.

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Sample Packages

In the Accommodation business, refurbishing is meant to be a long-term good value decision, not a short-term costly mistake. Always see and feel the quality of the Accommodation product you are considering before purchase.

HotelHome will arrange an immediate sample pack sent direct to you, of your chosen designs, colours and textures, ensuring you of the right selected product and an exciting new look for your property.


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